Mercedes Benz has updated the S-class with it’s latest incarnation, the 2006 model. This new model is longer and taller than the previous model, with updated engines. In US and Europe where it will be introduced in the first quarter of 2006, there will be S350 and S600 models. If it ever comes to Malaysia, I should expect an S280 model to be introduced. This country isn’t very road-tax friendly to large capacity engines.

The silhouette resembles the Mercedes Benz CLS and the Maybach. The wheel arches are really strong and defined, unlike the smooth flowing look of the previous W220 S-class.

Interesting safety features: brakes that are radar guided to brake if objects are detected in front of the vehicle even if the driver doesn’t, automatic tightening of seatbelts on sudden braking, and automatic closing of side windows when an impact seems imminent. Nifty stuff!

Very nice interior, although I do not like the design of the meter cluster area that much. Seems like 2 sets of clusters too close to each other. There is also no sign of handbrakes or a gear shift lever. I wonder if they’ve tried to implement the handbrake like the CLK coupe, where it’s foot-operated, or by pulling a lever like most Benz.

Previous Incarnations of the Mercedes Benz S-Class

The first S-class, the W140. Previously, Mercedes’s top of the range luxury model was the 300SEL.

The W220, what every businessman wants to be chauferred in. I think I was Form 3 or Form 4 when this was introduced. I thought it was serious drool material.

Although right now I could never remotely afford any of the cars in this class, I would take a BMW 7-series over this anyday. Especially the ACS7 facelift.