These are shots of the Satria Replacement Models being filled up at an ESSO petrol station. This could have been a good opportunity for anyone to grab as many spy shots are they could because the cars had to be stationary for their fuel tanks to be refilled.

There were two units of the Satria Replacement Model refilling their tanks. According to blog reader comments on my previous entries, it looks like road tests are becoming more and more frequent and easy to spot. The car should be ready to launch in a while but I’ve heard that Proton is pushing it to Chinese New Year intentionally to take advantage of a sales spike.

You can click the thumbnails for an enlarged version.

Nice side profile, although a little tall. There are discs brakes front and back. I think what we’ve feared most is going to come true. Those dodgy bling bling rims are going to come stock with the car. Honestly Proton, I’d recommend you to go for a design like the Advanti Racing rims that Race Rally Research are using on their R3 cars. The ride height looks pretty low.

If you look inside the car properly, you can see that the door panel for the left-hand door is in cream, as well as the top of the dashboard in front of the car. So I think it’s safe to assume the interior of the car will have light colours like cream as the dominant look.

Too bad there are no shots of the interior. I think we’ve seen almost every angle of the car already except the interior. A few people have commented on the previous spyshot posts that the interior is identical to the Gen2’s, like the way the Satria’s interior is the same as the Wira’s and Putra’s. That would make it a bit boring wouldn’t it?

There is no third brake light on the bumper, but those are reflectors. The rear bumper design accomodates a groove for the exhaust pipe to come out through. The spoiler is something like the Satria GTi design. Overall, very nice except for the rims which I think are totally off.

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