The Perodua Myvi is selling like hotcakes! Sales figures are at a mind-blowing average of 10,188 units a month, exceeding the original monthly target of 4800 units.

Myvi sales have hit 40,751 units on July 6th, a number achieved in only about 3 months since April.

This is despite of several problems with the car such as the dent on the bonnet and the problem with the rear drum brake. Despite the problem, Perodua was wise to notify Myvi owners to come in for a check-up right away.

Such is the power of having the platform based on a Toyota/Daihatsu platform. The reliability reputation rubs off a bit onto the Myvi.

You can see it on the comments of my own blog. Even when I posted about the brake defect, hordes of Myvi lovers came and defended Perodua, and praising it for acting so quickly. If a Proton had such problems, I think it would be normal for Proton service center personnel to shrug it off with a “Biasalah… Proton!”

Proton, please learn from your brothers at Perodua. This is what you can achieve if you give the rakyat what it wants. A reliable, economical car with the latest safety features and equipment.

The rakyat does not want state of the art clutchless manual gearboxes. It wants a comfortable car to drive to work daily, and at the same time fit the whole family comfortably for weekend trips. And the car has to be affordable. Buckle up Proton!

Source: The Edge Daily