The government says that the number of Franchise APs given to recipients are only as much as car makes of the car franchise they can sell.

I quote Kleemann Motorsport’s press releases.


On the local front, Kleemann Motorsport’s chief executive officer, Rosli Said, said that based on the limited edition factor, the company hoped to register sales of 30 to 40 units in the first month of introduction. “For the first year, we expect the company to chalk up sales of RM200 million,” he said. It is understood that the four models of Kleemann’s car would be priced from RM500,000.

Let’s calculate two possible values. I will choose a best-case calculation scenario which produce the most sales in each case.

40 units a month multiplied by 12 months = 480 cars sold.

RM200,000,000 sales divided by RM500,000 (cheapest Kleemann) = 400 cars sold.

From The Star

According to newspaper reports last month, the companys chairman, Tan Sri Adzmi Wahab, said 10 completely built-up Kleemann-tuned cars would be brought into the country in the first month of operation with a first year sales target of 250 units.

Hmm. So we have three different sales estimates for the first year of operation now. 400, 480 and 250 units.

How come Emeritus Equities Sdn Bhd obtained 850 APs in 2004 then, when estimated sales figures did not even go over 500 units?

In case you do not know the significance of the Kleemann franchise AP recipient, read this. There is also an interesting theory here.

I really don’t know why there was an overage of APs given. Do franchise APs hold more value than we think they do?