Fuel prices went up again, effected 12:00AM 31st July 2005. Petrol is up 10 cents, diesel up 20 cents and Liquified Petroleum Gas is up 5 cents.

Premium petrol (RON97) in Peninsular Malaysia is now RM1.62 per litre, normal petrol (RON 92) RM1.58 per litre, diesel RM1.281 per litre and LPG RM1.45 per kilogram. Shell V-Power should be RM1.72 per litre now.

My humble Satria which has a fuel tank that can hold 45 litres should cost RM72.90 for a full tank now for RON97, RM71.10 for RON92 and RM77.40 for Shell V-Power. And this is only a Satria/Wira/Putra fuel tank size.

The last price increase was in May.

This is an effort to reduce government fuel-subsidy “burden”.


Why not ask Syed Azman to pay for it?

I bet the rakyat will welcome any gas-electric hybrid vehicles from Proton.

Source: Bernama

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