Subaru’s flagship K-car is the Subaru R1, a mini 2×2 weighing only 798kg. It’s powered by a 660cc 16-valve AVCS engine makes 54hp. This car was definitely not designed to go fast. It’s basically a two-door version of the Subaru R2, with a shorter body and wheelbase.

Recently Subaru unveiled an electric version of the R1 designated the R1e. The Subaru R1e was unveiled at the TOkyo Motor Show last year, but the car has yet to be put into production.

Unlike the Toyota Prius which has a no plug-in policy (usually ignored), the Subaru R1e’s battery can be charged by a normal single-phase 22V AC outlet, commonly used in Japan for air conditioners. On a full charge the car can go slightly more than 200km. Perfect to travel short distances like to work and back or out for a drink, or to go to the market.