This is an interesting experiment by Mitsubishi, similiar to Michelin’s Active Wheel technology.

The Lancer Evolution MIEV is derived from the Lancer Evolution IX. What makes it different from conventional power and drivetrains is there are 4 separate motors packed into each wheel of the car. Each motor drives 1 wheel.

The motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries fitted under the floor of the car where the 4WD propeller shafts and other components were once located.

Nice. This car is experimental in every way… powertrain, drivetrain, power source. Vehicle type certification has been obtained for this car so it’s legal for on-the-road use.



Length – 4490 mm
Width – 1770 mm
Height – 1450 mm
Curb weight – 1590 kg
Seating capacity – 5
Max. speed – 180 km/h
Cruising range / charge (10-15 driving pattern) – 250 km


Type – Permanent magnetic synchronous Outer-rotor
Maker – Toyo Denki Seizo K.K.
Max. output – 50 kW
Max. torque – 518 Nm
Max. speed – 1500 rpm
Dimensions – 445 mm (dia.) x 134 mm
No. fitted – 4

Battery system

Type – Lithium-ion
Maker – GS Yuasa Corporation
Capacity – 95 Ah
Voltage – 14.8 V
L x W x H – 388 mm x 175 mm x 116 mm
No. of modules – 24
Controller – Inverter
Drive – 4WD
Tires – 255/30ZR20

Notice the huge tyre size to accomodate the motors in each wheels! Will a production version of this ever be as hot as the Toyota Prius? I think this would be good on the track too… low center of gravity, 4WD, balanced front-rear weight distribution.

The MIEV system can be deployed in a few ways, either powered by pure EV or in a hybrid car. It can also be powered by fuel cells.