Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak spoke yesterday to the media after world oil prices soared to a record high of over USD$70 per barrel.

He said the government would have to hike up the prices of petroleum and diesel again if the current upward trend continues. Analysts have said prices would touch USD$80 a barrel soon following the current trend.

He advised the rakyat not to blame the government for this:

It is not only the Malaysian government. No government in the world for that matter cannot maintain the current price if the world’s oil price continues to surge.

He stressed that the government’s coffers were suffering from subsidies, and that money from fuel subsidies should be used for other important needs.

My humble Satria 1.6’s fuel tank already costs RM72.90 to refill. And I have nothing to say about our public transportation system. Not worth commenting about. It virtually doesn’t exist in the area I live.

Source: Bernama