Honda has put a new K20 series engine in the new 2006 Civic Si. The new K20 series is called K20Z3 and has a number of improvements over the previous K20Z1 found in the 2006 Acura RSX Type S. The engine now features a bigger balancer shaft to smoothen out the revs and get rid of any vibrations. It also has a drive-by-wire throttle and electric power steering.

Every Honda owner who owns a VTEC engine-fitted car would also be raving on and on about the beautiful tone the engine makes when the cam switch to the high-profile cams. Armed with this knowledge, Honda’s engineers have actually worked on improving the sound of the engine from the 5800rpm to 8300rpm range. The Temple of VTEC calls it ‘aural nirvana’.

The drive-by-wire system in the Acura TL and TSX have been plagued by a lag which irritates drivers when they are shifting through the gears fast. Temple of VTEC notes in their test drive that this lag is very minimal now, and though it is still there it isn’t irritating anymore.

The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission and good news… it has a limited slip differential!