Car owners especially modified car owners should be more alert these days as thieves are getting more and more daring now.

This morning I was informed by my fellow Pro-Hatch member Archang3l that his car got broken in and a few stuff was stolen from his car.

Items missing are a limited edition black screen Apexi SAFC2, a boost meter and guess what… the thieves ran away with his carbon fibre hood!

All of this happened at 5:00am in the morning. His car was parked in his house’s porch. The thieves just climbed in and broke the driver’s side mirror. They even let go of the handbrake and pushed the car slightly backwards to make more room so that they can unscrew the carbon fibre hood!

This happened in Taman Desa, so residents of Taman Desa please keep on the lookout and be extra alert!