Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah has shed some light on the National Automotive Policy that is currently being formulated.

He says there are no plans to abolish APs due to the current policy of developing the domestic automotive industry through progressive liberalisation.

Husni also said investigation was being carried out on another company, similiar to the case of Amazing Tempo Sdn Bhd’s APs. He declined to mention the name of the company, but he mentioned it was to do with tune-up APs so it might be a company like Impul or Kleemann. Studies are also currently being made on tune-up marque APs.

Rafidah gave five criteria on AP issuance in a written reply to DAP Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang.

  • Have a valid franchise as the sole importer with the foreign manufacturer
  • 70 percent Bumiputra equity
  • Imported car should not be already assembled in the country
  • Cars must be directly imported from manufacturer
  • Companies can afford to manage and finance showrooms and undertake after-sales-service

As reported by Business Week:

Ahmad Husni, quoted by the national agency Bernama, rejected fears that the policy has been misused, but noted the government recently stopped issuing APs to one firm that under-declared the value of its imported cars and was investigating another for the same offense.

Do I smell a scapegoat being roasted? What about the issue of a majority of APs only given to two people?

Oh well. Bring out the mint sauce…

Source: Bernama, Business Week