I’ve gathered a list of Proton recalls in the United Kingdoms according to The Automobile Association‘s website.

  1. Car: Proton GEN-2
    Recall Reference: R/2005/075 (09 June 2005)
    Problem: Battery harness tie band needs re-routing.

    The battery harness may not be sufficiently secured. There is a chance, if not noticed during servicing, that the insulation of the harness could chaff and expose the wiring. This could then generate sparks and excessive heat within the engine bay.

    Solution: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and where necessary fit an extra cable securing band.

  2. Car: Proton Persona (Proton Wira)
    Recall Reference: R1996/046 (22 April 1996)
    Problem: Leakage from fuel tank

    As a consequence of broken or missing spot welds on vehicle identification numbers 007100 TO 007385, leakage from the fuel tank may occur at the fuel pump mounting flange.

    Solution: Recall the affected vehicles for inspection of the fuel tanks. Where any spot welds are broken or missing, the fuel tank will be replaced.

  3. Car: Proton Persona (Proton Wira)
    Recall Reference: R1997/079 (03 November 1997)
    Problem: Loss of braking vacuum assistance

    The brake booster vacuum hose check valve may stick and cause a loss of vacuum to the brake booster. This will result in increased brake pedal effort and increased stopping distances.

    Solution: The affected vehicles are being recalled to have the brake booster vacuum hose replaced.

  4. Car: Proton Persona (Proton Wira)
    Recall Reference: R1998/77 (16 September 1998)
    Problem: Tyre Deflation

    Incorrect machining of the valve hole on the wheel rim has caused the valve hole to migrate towards the well of the wheel rim. Attendant to this the tyre valves have not been correctly fitted.

    Solution: Suspect wheels and valves will be replaced with quality assured units.

  5. Car: Proton Wira & Proton Satria
    Recall Reference: R/2004/125 (29 July 2004)
    Problem: Possible loss of engine power

    Vehicle numbers B5964420000000000 to B8594610000000000, and B04374B0000000000 to B0607770000000000. The target wheel may give the ECU a false misfire signal. In extreme cases this could lead to a loss of engine power and poor driveability.

    Solution: Recall affected vehicles and replace target wheel with a rigid target wheel (without damper) and the control unit and keys.

  6. Car: Proton Satria GTi
    Recall Reference: R2001/134 (17 October 2001)
    Problem: Suspension Stabilizer Bar May Break

    The front suspension stabiliser bar may break which can adversely affect the driving stability and handling of the car.

    Solution: Recall affected vehicles to fit a quality assured replacement stabiliser bar.

  7. Car: All Proton Models
    Recall Reference: R2001/057 (01 May 2001)
    Problem: Starter Motor Relay

    The starter relay may allow the starter motor to operate independently of the ignition switch. In extreme cases this could lead to the movement of the vehicle if left in gear or a fire hazard.

    Solution: Recall affected vehicles and fit a quality assured starter motor relay.

Can anyone confirm whether our local models have ever been affected and if any recall was done?