Lotus and Gieves & Hawkes have partnered up to release this special edition of the Lotus Exige sports car called the Lotus Exige Espionage.

The Lotus Exige Espionage is a car with a secret agent theme, since the Lotus Esprit was used in a few James Bond movies, I assume it’s to commemorate that.

The Lotus Exige Espionage is based on a standard Lotus Exige which makes 189 horsepower. The exterior modifications include a new navy blue paint and silver pin stripes. The whole interior is also themed in a similiar way, with materials such as silk and leather being used.

The release of this car will come with a new ‘spy suit’ by Gieves & Hawkes. The design of the car and the suit has the same theme. For example, the pin stripes on the navy blue paint matches the suit’s design.

This is a car for hard core James Bond fans! :P