New Malaysian National Automotive Policy

Our Malaysian government has announced some of the details on the new National Automotive Policy today. Let’s have a look at what changes have been implemented, effective this Thursday (20/10/2005).

The new policy sees the abolishment of excise duty rebates for Proton and other national car manufacturers. We also see the reduction of import duties for Southeast Asian passenger cars from 20 percent to 15 percent. Vehicles from other regions will have their import duties cut from 50 percent to 30 percent.

Excise duty for Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Completely Built Up (CBU) foreign cars have also been reduced to 80-200%. Before this, it was 90-250%. Excise duty for imported MPVs have been changed from 40-170% to 55-160%. A decrease for the high-end MPVs but an increase for the low-end MPVs.

The way excise duty is calculated has also been revamped. Before this, excise duty is calculated on cost, insurance and freight of the vehicle. Now it adds the value of the vehicle and import duty to the equation.

Before you guys scream in fear that Proton and other car manufacturers vehicle prices are going to go up because of the lack of excise duty rebate, note that the government is giving other incentives to national automobile manufactuers such as interest-free loans. The government says the prices should balance out in the end.

A new fund called the Industrial Adjustment Fund has been setup for this purpose. Other incentives to help out the local manufacturers are such as special auto production industrial zones designated in states like Gurun, Bertam, Tanjung Malim and Pekan.

As for imported cars, the government has calculated that imported passenger cars will enjoy an overall reduction in duties, but MPVs and four-wheel drive vehicles will see an overall increase in duties.

As for the controversial Approved Permit car import licences issue, the government has said it will phase out APs slowly stage by stage in the long term.

The first phase of the AP abolishment is allowing DRB-Hicom Bhd and Sime Darby Bhd to import vehicles directly instead of going through companies with AP franchises for the respective marques. Any other Bumiputra companies which imports cars can also apply for APs directly now, instead of going through these AP kings which secure APs for certain marques.

In a nutshell, this also means Bumi-controlled public listed companies can now apply for their APs. Before this, you had to have 70% Bumi shareholding before your company qualifies for an AP. In a public listed company, that’s hard to achieve unless only Bumis can buy your shares.

This means AP Kings Haniff and Syed Azman will lose their income from importing Chevrolet (DRB-Hicom), Suzuki (DRB-Hicom) and Honda (36% owned by DRB-Hicom) marques. Suprise, suprise. The AP kings are not AP kings anymore. This should bump up the rakyat’s respect for Pak Lah a few notches.

As for tune-up AP importers like Wald, Kleemann and Impul, APs will no longer be awarded from January 1 2006 onwards. They can still continue importing their cars using their allocation of Open APs, or if none – buy from other people who have the Open APs.

Rules for Open APs have changed a bit. Reconditioned vehicles not older than 1 year cannot be imported via Open APs anymore as this has been abused in the past. People have been importing new vehicles declared as a used vehicle and have been underdeclaring the prices.

Proton shares slipped 1.7% to RM8.50 as the stock market closed yesterday. We’ll see if the shares go down tomorrow after investors hear of the new National Auomotive Policy.

Some statistics on the Malaysian automotive industry as provided by Bernama:

  • Four national passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers, including Proton and Perodua
  • One national motorcycle manufacturer, Modenas.
  • Nine motor vehicle assemblers
  • Nine motorcycle assemblers
  • 343 motor vehicle component manufacturers
  • 100 motorcycle component manufacturers
  • 76 open AP holders, 37 franchise AP holders
  • 1978 motor vehicle dealers
  • 158 motorcycle dealers
  • Investment to date for vehicle manufacturers and assemblers is RM11.2 billion
  • Investment to date for component manufacturers is RM8.2 billion

Source: Business Week, Dow Jones Newswire, Bernama

Updates on the National Automotive Policy

Full text of the National Automotive Policy
Thoughts on the National Automotive Policy

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  • hum?

    thought so.

    reduce here n increase there.

    no changes….

    the price of imported cars still won't budge.

    how sleek they are the government trying to persuade rakyat

    how pathetic

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  • Nicely done by the PM … yes , the ppl will respect you more .

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  • what Malaysia government gone earn is not from car industry Mosley part of it. it only balance it, but not bring down the price, when something down other thing will up so what the point if that way, cause all the thing will related . it just like bluer the situation . just nice to see but not nice to eat!.

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  • gud job pak lah.. AP king?? wat say u

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  • travis on Oct 20, 2005 at 5:49 am

    anyway i quite happy for this new NAP. means we can get cheaper civic, altis, vios and sentras while avanza may go higher! Ouch!

    n this could spell the end of AP in long term and definery a well deserve end to those tuner APs. BTW, wonder what happended to proton n volks negotiations???

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  • im vry dissapointed, but then again it expected it :(

    so near yet so far


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  • burn72 on Oct 20, 2005 at 6:27 am

    so expensive mpv's get less tax, but cheaper ones get more? in other words those rich fellas (i presume this NAP plicy makers) will pay less tax for their MPV's and the regular people pay more?…(thinking of foul words to use but none can describe how sick i am feeling at this moment)

    by the way NAP means what ah? National automoyive policy or No AP?

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  • yhtan on Oct 20, 2005 at 6:50 am

    paul,did the car price increase or decrease?

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  • yhtan: we won't know till all the car dealers release their new prices.

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  • Marmitecrab on Oct 20, 2005 at 6:56 am

    I wonder who's going to pay for the interest-free loans? The Rakyat?

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  • E-Nabill on Oct 20, 2005 at 7:06 am

    ya wil take some time for dealers to work out the calculations,i believe thy will nt be reducing the price by much…bt i tink thy will add more accessories like airbags,climate control and traction control,longer warenty,if proton can offer thse features on exported cars,i tink thy will do it locally as wel.nt easy for manufacturers to reduce their prices simply like dat…

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  • Well! I believe MAA Chairman Datuk Aishah Ahmad should have a lot to share…..

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  • Marmitecrab: who else?

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  • frederick on Oct 20, 2005 at 7:14 am

    hey there…i think technically the car prices should drop…bccos the statement released to the star shows the EFFECTIVE RATE of tax based on car price…but then u never know for sure….11 percent for the 1.8-2.0 segment..damn thats a lot…

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  • Edmond on Oct 20, 2005 at 7:24 am

    Approved Permit (AP) is a ridiculous name… approve and permit seem to have the same meaning. So why don't they call it Approved approvals or Permitted Permit ? Malaysia Boleh

    Hope that Proton will improve with competition. The days of Proton with VVTi, traction control and ABS may be coming

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  • APking on Oct 20, 2005 at 7:42 am

    lidat my Helikopter can lelong liao!!

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  • Gannima on Oct 20, 2005 at 8:14 am

    Lan Pa Pa Lan :(

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  • anyone can make an educated guess or calculation becos my maths sux and iam lazy

    if the new rules are applied how much does a vios cost? lets say 80,000

    80,000 + new tax =

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  • my b will cost u like going to twin tower that height n jump , that will cos u. ha..ha..

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  • FiveElements on Oct 20, 2005 at 9:30 am


    Dont be happy so fast la….all my brothers.

    THis is only part of it, they might add something else there. Lets just wait and see how it goes

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  • toolan on Oct 20, 2005 at 9:36 am

    see.. finally the new NAP makes no different. imported cars still abt the same price or up. u know what, i think all the hype about AP, proton, etc this last few months was purposely made up by some people to influence the NAP so that it will benefit proton, protecting it. Dr M is proton advisor, maybe all the hype he said abt AP is just to influence the coming NAP to protect proton. who cares abt AP, AP king bla bla? as long as we can choose n buy any car we want, with reasonable price, i dont mind. see after NAP announce if Dr M finally shut up. then we know if Dr M try to influence NAP or not.

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  • Streamyx User on Oct 20, 2005 at 10:05 am

    Yeah dont be so happy. They wont be AP king but they will be ASS king.

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  • You ppl are just fool if you assume the govt will give up money making for those AP holder. Our PM is just another all talk no action guy (NATO). Bullshit number one

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  • where is the 18 ppl on corruption chargees? only one fish and all silent. more like just forcing the other thirteen to 'bow' to him

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  • Andrew on Oct 20, 2005 at 10:26 am

    cheaper car price? i doubt it, but even if it does, i think the price change would hardly have any effect… it wont fall enuff to make much difference…

    probably carmakers would offer extended waranty or other value added accessories, but i doubt of lower price…

    right now i guess there'd be some accountants, estimators, adjustors, purchasers and execs of marketing, sales, and procurement dept of some carmakers are slaving this midnite away to calculate everything so as to provide adjustments asap…

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  • babybio on Oct 20, 2005 at 10:42 am

    NAP supposed to equal to No AP but then again, it doesnt matter anymore. Throughout history, Malaysian would never have done anything drastically, as the impact of 'perception' on the welfare rakyat (especilally with vested interests) will be duly considered!

    When will we simply decide that all public transport facilties use the same ticketing system? Sorry digressing a bit.

    AP Kings will make money by buying our the shareholding of these public listed companies, so watch out for their spree. Just wondering, I know open AP has individual names, but does franchise AP now states the name of a company as the rcipient of AP, or the directors name? I've no idea how this works.

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  • babybio on Oct 20, 2005 at 10:44 am

    how about tune up cars? and incentive for 'fuel efficient' cars such as hybrid and fuel cells. or environmentally friendlier cars with say biodiesel or ethanol combustion?

    we want hybrid!!!

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  • SEE FU on Oct 20, 2005 at 3:51 pm

    I think this new NAP is like a "PANADOL" only. Means —>Temporary Pain Killer!!

    Since the issue of POTONG and AP and AFTA cannot be solved at the moment, the G is launched a Natonal Automotive "PANADOL" (NAP) to fix the problems temporary. This is not the final answer for RAKYAT!!! We want cheap cars … imported good cars!! No complex tax formula!!!….AND we want POTONG cars to be good too.

    YAU MO KAU…………….CHOU!! Say NO to PANADOL, We need the right Medicine fot this AUTO decease.

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  • 4G63T on Oct 20, 2005 at 4:34 pm

    This is lovely isn't it?

    Bunch of nonsense if you ask me.

    Not only that cars might actually even be more expensive (as suspected), now the rakyat have to subsidize interest free loans to Plotong, on top of having already having to support an inefficient and money loosing organization (note I used organization and not a 'company') by paying for crap and paying a lot more for imports??

    How on earth do you justify taxing a tax?? (excise duty on top on an import duty???) More tax on a low end MPV but less on high end MPVs? Where's the logic? Next time we get GST as well…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    Everything smells fish. That includes the road tax adjustment. All to help Plotong.

    APs are another bunch on nonsense they will never get rid off… APs will exist as long as certain people get an easy way to milk the rakyat.

    As for Plotong 'improving' buy giving us more stuff like ABS, airbags..etc. Its all a bunch of nonsense as well. Who cares what Plotong gives, they have to learn how to MAKE a proper car in the first place without bits falling off within a year.

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  • JIN-2 owner. on Oct 20, 2005 at 4:52 pm

    We are very thankful to PM but his wife just die this morning………innalillah

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  • Bigjoe99 on Oct 20, 2005 at 5:06 pm

    I would not characterize the thing as unchanged. If the result of the the changes are made transparent, then it will be positive. For example the auto funds and the importing of vehicles. If its make transparent and accountable, then there will be an improvemet.. Otherwise, its open to abuse again in other ways.

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  • alansm on Oct 20, 2005 at 5:15 pm

    WE want the right to buy affordable quality car of our choice!! Not something of 'TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT' crap from plotong. We want our basic right to choose the way to spend our money. This is 2005, not 1985. The rakyat is more educated & well-informed. We know our right in life. Not to be taken prisoner by anyone else agenda. No more gun pointed to our head:(

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  • aksMs on Oct 20, 2005 at 5:53 pm

    JIN-2 owner: Eh, betul ka?? Hendon pass away this morning? Where did you get that?

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  • MoMoSosicko on Oct 20, 2005 at 6:04 pm

    Complaint and complaint and complaint… that’s all some people do rather than appreciate the good value….

    The new NAP is one of the best decision gov made so far … special msg to those whining.. Stop complaining look at this in a wider scope…

    And those who saying want cheaper cars… can you tell me just one country beside Brunei that had both cheaper car and cheaper fuel? But then again im sure you don’t want to stay in Brunei even though the cars is cheap right?

    So you wanna live in the state yeah.. of course you can get a can cheap cars there…cheap to the extend of FREE!!! (wanna free car just drop to airport you are free to grab anything you find a sign " its yours" )

    but then again you guys still will be complaining the price of the gasoline…

    Wana be in Europe yeah nice cars and they are cheap to but wonder what is the gas price is?…

    Think Global. Then you will c the differences..

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  • I heard that new model will not be allowed to be imported anymore, whatever model we have in the market will be whatever model you can buy from your car dealer…means if there is new model launched besides Murano, Alphard…we will not be seeing it..

    True ar? :|

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  • momo…you are very naive to compare fuel price of US and England.How much they are making for average income earner per hour compare to malaysia. You are just plain short sighted as do you understand 'purchasing power' means? All ohter asean might have expensive petrol but cheap car like thailand. I dont mind paying RM2.20 – 2.65 per litre for petrol if Toyota Vios (for example) drop to RM40-50K. The saving of RM40K can buy me at least four years of petrol.

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  • if you taking into the account no petrol expense for four years as cover by car reduction of 40K. you still have at least EXTRA RM20K for not spending any petrol out of own pocket and this can further give you two years few petrol. Altogether 6 YEARS.

    The present direction govt heading, we will be paying THe high petrol price plus HIGHER car price (as our car price will never drop to Thai counterpart) will make us all suffer even more.

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  • keniji on Oct 20, 2005 at 6:47 pm

    "means AP Kings Haniff and Syed Azman will lose their easy money making factory from importing Chevrolet (DRB-Hicom), Suzuki (DRB-Hicom) and Honda (36% owned by DRB-Hicom) marques. Suprise, suprise. The AP kings are not AP kings anymore. Click here to see what APs have given them. This should bump up the rakyat’s respect for Pak Lah a few notches."

    that means price for these honda, suzuki, chevy

    should reduce by

    5k-10k, the cost of middle-man APs!

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  • keniji on Oct 20, 2005 at 6:50 pm

    and VW buying into Proton,

    cheaper car for all,

    plus toyota, honda, hyundai, peugeot etc. plant in msia

    cheaper cars for us,

    and overtake thailand as auto HUB!


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  • jenSSSS on Oct 20, 2005 at 7:29 pm

    Dont worry, I'm pretty sure this ex-AP Kings will strike back. Nothing to lose. They hv money, can create new throne of business.

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  • astroguy on Oct 20, 2005 at 7:42 pm

    hmmm wah lower excise … alamak just bought a new altis rugi la… .. hmmm thinking of it.. maybe car price will eventually reduce say less 2.5% like some people calculated.. but at the same time maybe bank loan interest will increase… coz.. before this due to high car price.. bank loan is lower to attract more buyer… if the car price is lower.. then bank must increase interest rate to maintain its profit… so in the end… even with lower car price… the buyer still pay the same monthly loan amount… hehehe.. so same different la..

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  • Say what you want, the BOTTOM LINE is, if you don't have the INCOME to support your needs and wants, you will still unable to buy your dream car, even if it is cheap like dirt. Eventhough Thai will have cheaper cars than us, they're still miles behind us in the infrastructure and income per capita (2004 data, Malaysia No 79 and Thailand No 104) Indonesia, jangan ceritalah, No 138.

    Therefore, the people will not have the money to buy cars and will ride on TukTuks. Their purchasing power will always be low. There will be no Middle income as its either High income or Low income. Crime will be high and discontent will be here and there. Semua orang akan tunjuk perasaan. Is this what you want, then brother, go migratelah.

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  • toritori on Oct 20, 2005 at 8:26 pm

    "GGG said,

    momo…you are very naive to compare fuel price of US and England.How much they are making for average income earner per hour compare to malaysia. You are just plain short sighted as do you understand ‘purchasing power’ means? All ohter asean might have expensive petrol but cheap car like thailand. I dont mind paying RM2.20 – 2.65 per litre for petrol if Toyota Vios (for example) drop to RM40-50K. The saving of RM40K can buy me at least four years of petrol."

    In fact momo is right, please read and understand. Not RM2.20 or 2.65, you only get this it's because Gov reduce its subsidise but still protecting YOU ! Go drive in Hong Kong and check out their fuel or oversea, then you know who is naive…

    You pay till your pants drop.

    Stop complaining, get a life

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  • JustMe on Oct 20, 2005 at 8:26 pm

    Not a very big effect to those APs king… They already earned enuf to survive for generations.

    Again with this NAP, the bottom line to me is still – MONOPOLISED.

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  • toritori on Oct 20, 2005 at 8:37 pm

    Complain, complain, complain…

    How many years Malaysia independent and how many years US and England independent? Need a calculator or not? If so talented and exam with flying colors… pack your bag and leave.

    Nobody is stopping all of you…but pls check first whether US and England what YOU in their soil.

    Dream car is not for somone who is always dreaming and complaining but do nothing about it… but it is for those who work hard for it.

    Stop being a loser

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  • apambalik on Oct 20, 2005 at 8:38 pm

    oh no … i just booked a avanza last week. do i get effected? anyone?

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  • jared on Oct 20, 2005 at 8:41 pm


    You are right when you are talking Asean only. But why limit ourselves to just being an Asean member? We are far ahead of Thailand and Indonesia right?. If you are to compare per kapita income, yes, we are slightly ahead. But when it comes to buying power, I don’t think we and Thailand or Indonesia are much different. Rice is dirt cheap in Thailand. Petrol was also cheap in Indonesia until recently. Of course, I am proud of being a Malaysian, but there are so many things that the Gov can do to us but are reluctant to do just to save their faces/cronies/friends/relatives. We have the resources, we have the expertise. Just for voicing our complaints, that doesn’t mean we hate Malaysia. I love Malaysia but I cannot say the same thing to the Gov, especially after considering what they have been doing.

    Consider for example, in California USA, minimum income is USD6.25 per hour, that will amount to USD50 (8hours) daily or USD1,300 (26days) monthly or USD15,600 yearly. A base Mazda3 is approximately USD16,000 in USA. Meaning, a janitor or garbage collector can buy a mazda3 with his/her one year salary.

    If you are a Tukang Sapu in Malaysia, what can you buy with your one-year salary here? a Mazda3? A Civic? You’d be lucky to get your hands on a 1995 Kancil 660!!

    So, what makes you then? Katak bawah tempurung? Atau Bangga Bodoh?

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  • JustMe on Oct 20, 2005 at 8:48 pm

    Aiya…those can afford buy potong or potong-dua loh… Those can afford buy branded car loh…

    So simple…like that also wanna argue..

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  • KISIO on Oct 20, 2005 at 8:50 pm

    oyooo… jgn compare dgn america la, negara membangun vs negara maju

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  • As what I'm trying to say, we can't compare an Orange with an Orange (US orange some more). We have to see where we're currently and improve on the current status. As it is in SEA, we're the best currently. If not, all those people will not gila babi try to come to Malaysia – refer to Indon, Bangla, Myanmar and Chines immigrants.

    Perlahan kayuh, improvement will come if not to you, for your son/daughter. For the Tukang Sapu issue, in the first place everybody has been given the chance to study, good education find job. If you're lazy, you have to take what you got. I don't think so the tukang sapu will think that the gov is being unfair bla..bla..bla..Cycle of life bro…Peace…..

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  • KISIO, we have to compare la… if we continue to have that attitude, then we will never improve and our country will never achieve the developed status. Proton must learn how to stand on it's own 2 feet without the help of the government… However, they're taking too long a time and eating the resources and welfare of us, the people of the country. So Proton should be scrapped long time ago. If like happened once only, then ok la… but Proton is like always get help from government and still dont want to improve… still continue like this. So will forever get help from the government… Thats just bull.

    And btw, do you guys realise that whatever the government do, it's basicly just to save face and all that? If this continues, the rich will conitnue to be the rich (which is not a bad thing) but also the poor will continue to be the poor. How to improve standards of living? I can understand that Proton is "SUPPOSED" to be our national pride… but frankly… it has been a national embarassment for god knows how long…

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  • hello….you ppl get your fact right first. During the 70's and early 80's, Korea and Taiwan have to 'bow' to our purchasing power in Malaysia. Taiwanese and Korea look at Malaysian as 'god' like what China is to us in the late 80's and early 90's. THey rush to invest or work here. During those time, Malaysia have high purchasing power and currency is high value.

    By the 90's , it is the reverse. So ask yourself why? Taiwanese and Korean nowadays look at Malaysia as what third world country? It is only 30 years and we slipped down so much in world standing.

    Compare to Thai, oh commo please. THai is catching UP to us at VERY DAMN fast. (and i believe that if the both countries policy remain the same, THai will overshoot us in around 10- 15 years) Indonesia and Filipine is due to political unrest so they suffer. WHY ARE COMPARING ourself to those countries when we have always being the king of the region (but wait we lost that title to Singapore already….why malaysian like to fock to Singapore to work. You really think those foreigner if given a choice of malaysia and singapore where they go.? BINGO). It is like saying when we are toyota, are we aiming to be BMW and still sit there and say…aiya…we are already beter than Hyundai so forget it.

    Tori… are naive in sense that if you compare yourself to HK….do HK produce OIL? DO our country have OIL? How much is one noddle cost in HK almost RM25? How much is average gradute pay? RM5K per month for 1 -3 years experience, for malaysian is what RM2K. When do comparing to another country and their system, please do understand their salary system first. Furthermore, they have CHEAP CAR. HK have expensive oil to discourage their citizens driving as singaporean have COE and high tax. REason, small land area and good public transport system. Do we have that problems and solution?

    I AM NOT ASKING for comparing to US in sense of living stanbdard as we are out. THEN the govt should stop telling us that things such as OIL or whatever is cheaper in Malaysia than those country like DR. M say that oil is RM7 per litre in England.

    in the 70's . all other ASEAN countires are like village yet where malaysia is like the advance country. Nowadays, look. How much those countries advance compare to Malaysia? In sense of groth and development, we are slower pace. It is a bitter pill to swallow but that is the truth.

    i am not comparing what price this and that…i am comparing the PURCHASING POWER of us (like how much we earn and how much we can afford to spend/buy). Our purchasing power is DROPPING and others are catching up to us fast. I am not asking that we have US and England lifestyle. I just asking that what the government is doing to stop our purchasing power from GOING DOWN. Our average income earner in comparing to PURCHASING POWER…they can afford to buy house, car (HONDA CIVIC), and still spend. OUr average income earner…pay struggling to pay car, even more struggling to pay house installment and only little balance to spend. For example, Car loan = min RM300 (9 years loan and KANCIL) , House Loan = RM1000 (35 years), Fuel (RM350), Electricity & water= RM200, Handphone = RM80, Total RM2150. what about living expense…..and possiblity of familes yet? talk about food, Singaporean buy one can coke is 1.00 (in nominal value), malaysia 1.50. If saying wait singapore is paying RM2.00 but please wait again Singapore junior clerk is paid RM2000 (SG1000) and malaysia is being paid what about RM1200.

    As for China coming over here is that a lot of chinese think malaysia is what a very advance country. oh, Please. a lot of them came and say whay. Compare to their city is like village to town. China living expense is getting higher. in another ten years, no china migrant wnat to come here…. why because their salary in their country will catch up to ours already or even advance.

    Naive ppl will only say , stop complaining and go. i just saying that the government should improve and we can at least catch up our previous living standard for say 90's. This is to benefit us all. i am born here and raise, i love the country as much as you do. The only reason i complaing is that the govt is wasting our country resouces and we could have achieve more without that.

    for example, Privatisation. Why this introduction….is was introduce by western country. The main objective is to privatise govt owned firm which are losing money due to inefficiency (such as high salary as govt staff got good staff welfare), They retain good companies (with profit) so relay less on taxes. For malaysia, other way round. Money making firm got privatise and go into the hand of politcians. Money losing firm still govt hold fully. So what happen next. THe OVERALL operating expense keep getting larger and larger.

    Talk about sending malaysian to the moon/space. Are we using our own technology or space shuttle? no. we are using others (russian) and sent our ppl there and we say we boleh. what a waste of money. If we are spending millions or billions and sent someone up using our own technology , i got no complain (like US, CHINA, RUSSIA). But spending millions to get other to sent our ppl up is a waste of money. To me, it is no pride but like using other ppl butt skin and place on your own face. PPL will only recognise a country boleh sending a ppl up is by their OWN tech not others. Sending a ppl up will cost at least USD50 million (RM190 million) and for others. MIght as well take that money and built a disney malaysia theme park to lure thai, indo, singaporean tourists and take their money into our country. This will help job creation.

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  • we complain is not complaing Malaysia but the management (govt). We complain proton is not proton but the management for poor QC. We love Malaysia but not the way they being run. This is the different.

    Hence, ppl always say migrant if you dont like here….please understand that and think.

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  • A country is like a listed firm. we citizen are the shareholders. The govt is the board of directos that we shareholders elected. So do the shareholders own company or the board of directors? do we shareholders have right to complain if the company is not manage properly?

    Do they employee (govt servant) of the company work for the company or the board of directors? Do employee have freedom to vote board of directors when they are also the shareholers (as they are citizens)?

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  • Lpost on Oct 20, 2005 at 11:15 pm

    I think the incentive offer by the gov to foreign automakers could make the car prices decrease. at least i feel a bit happy.

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  • politicians take bribe is a common throughout the world. Nothing strange. JUst like board of directos give themselves huge pay and fridge benefits such as business class travelling, dirver, big house and etc.

    Even if DAP or PAS or whatever opposition go up will also do that. Why? human are also put priority to themselves first. I have nothing against the current govt even if they are corrupt as whoever on those seats will be the same. To me, i dont even like govt change as bring political unrest and market instablity.

    The question now is that, if you are the board of directos, we dont mind you get good pays and lots of benefits….as long as you are running the company well and make a lot of money for the shareholders end of the day. Making money by wacking other firms (other countries).

    However, if directos get good pay at the expense of shareholders then it is not okay. This is what is happening.

    The govt is only thinking way to squeeze more money out of citizens where they should be more focus on how to lure foreign investments. Attract tourists.

    Comparing Thai car industy and Malaysia. THai might not have their own car (like proton) industry but they create jobs, skill through foreign firms. They are helping foreign companies to make money. However, the foreign brand help thai to gain more export sales and (40% local content) shows that they are actually earning foreign currency as their cars can export out.

    Malaysia car industry make money, job creation but only earn our money. Lack of export so depend heavily on domestic market. Yes, our money will not leak out (sending profit back to the foreign home base) as thai but we dont get earn other ppl/country money.

    in the long run, we are losing. Is pride more important than economic benefits? Is it justify to maintain our pride by paying it which we cant afford for too long. Without natural resources such as oil,gas and timber, malaysia is nothing. It is foreseen that we will be net importer of oil in less than 20 years. Do we have backup plan?

    we complain is not that we dont like here. we complain is not we dont have a life. we complain is that we are seeing unhealty signal affceting us. we complain is because it is our lives being affected. whatever the govt do is AFFECTING our lives. we cant migrant because we are here, because we only recognise here. we are the ppl of malaysia. we refuse to see malaysia going backward. twenty years from now, we will not achieve developed status but the current indonesia.

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  • Andrew on Oct 21, 2005 at 12:04 am

    agreed. for ppl who tell others to pack up and leave are really speaking without thinking… they have forgotten how they are now without all of us malaysian being together… as TDM once said, "… mudah lupa…"

    the analogy comparison of our country as a company is very accurate. we as affected shareholders have the right to complain when we see our money are not used correctly and properly, and of course some ppl who is in comfortable situation, not affected, would feel we're making too much noise…

    mudah lupa… mudah lupa….

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  • Advancement of country or firm cannot be measure by time of independant. 6 years back , nobody would want samsung handphone as new in the market. Ppl only take motorola, nokia, errisson. Today, samsung is one of the leader in the world and motorola lose sight (until recently), errisson gone kaput into sony.

    So it is not how long you are establish,or how long you being in the market. It is how you driven yourself. HK a small country with no resource only 6 million ppl and they can achieve australia standard, why we malaysia cannot do when we got resoucres and 22 million ppl? Why we lose out to singapore? It is our mentality not our incapabilities that we having problem with.

    How about US which is establish so much later than England and yet England in world influence is not as much as US. Advancement of a country depend solely on how the govt policy is run. If China govt haven't open up in 80's, they will still be a poor country today. Just twenty years of since the 'open' up, china become the second most influence country in the world. You might say it is due to their high population then look at Indonesia (4th highest population) and India (2nd) didn't grow as fast as China. Why? govt policy is the key.

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  • toritori said,

    "Dream car is not for somone who is always dreaming and complaining but do nothing about it… but it is for those who work hard for it.

    Stop being a loser "

    Hence, does this means the AP Holder are working very hard? Putting a minimum cap for Bumi is working hard? Giving 30% equity bumi cap for listed

    companies is working hard?

    How you define working hard?

    I am not asking for ferrari, lamborgine, BMW or Audi. JUst a toyota at reasonable price. Is that a lot to ask?

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  • toritori on Oct 21, 2005 at 12:48 am

    I have been working 35 hours since yesterday morning. I work really hard and I am not only a 'shareholder' but a 'contributor' as well. Yeah, you may call me a stupid cow but I work hard for a living and I am not 'mudah lupa'

    Simple philoshophy, during good times we relax a bit so during hard time we work harder a bit.

    So you stop commenting and hanging around here wasting MY MONEY (I'm the shareholder & contributor) and lets be productive. If you want the country to be like a 'company' then be productive.

    An ouns of action is better than a ton of speech

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  • SEE FU on Oct 21, 2005 at 12:54 am

    GGG arrr!!

    DOn't be angry, Everybody understand the G is not doing well and the ppl or rakyat are Suffer now. (ONly AP kings are enjoying their life flying with the HELIcopter).

    What will you suggest the G to help you and RAKYAT?

    What can we do???? Any proposals????? What do you expect to be??? Give us a list OKAY!! YOU are the man/woman!!


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  • how many ppl out there are paying at around half their salary to finance a kancil (dont talk about petrol and maintenace). if not for the nine years low interest loan, how many can even afford a kancil? Car is a neccessity not a luxury. A luxury is BMW, Mercs, Sport car. a kancil (at other country a toyota) is a basic necessity.

    Car like TV is a basic needs already. If you still consider that as luxury then we might well all go back to horse riding period. PPL advance, lifestyle advance, minimum basic needs advance.

    by right, ppl should have basic standard of a car, house, and enough cash for living. THat is call minimum standard. Car is for driving to place you need to go, not fun driving. Home so you got a roof and cash for foods and daily usage.

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  • see fu….. hahaha. i also work….i dont do it for fun. I paying my bills and work my butt off. I AM NOT THE GOVERNMENT so i cant do much. IT IS NOT WHAT I CAN DO as a person. IT IS WHAT WE ALL CAN DO as voter.

    We being productive is not acheiving anything if govt are NOT productive. We one person cannot influence the market but the market (by govt policy) can influence our living earnings.

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  • i finish my speech ..haha… nevertheless i dont complain much at all. First time i put so much comments…..haha…..just treat it as thought of the day. Friends.

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  • toritori on Oct 21, 2005 at 1:12 am


    Good, now you sounds normal.

    Good speech tough..

    Let the big shot clean up their mess and

    we do our part using the ballot box, ok?

    Haha, no hard feelings ya…

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  • toritori

    why hard feeling….we all have different views and opinios as we are people…not machine. If eveyone think alike then we are just a bunch of machine.

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  • SEE FU on Oct 21, 2005 at 1:45 am

    GGG ARR!!

    Where R U from?? Guess from Kedah!! Rights!


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  • from Sarawak…: )

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  • toolan on Oct 21, 2005 at 2:45 am

    yup GGGs right. in 70s 80s, RM100K++ can already buy semi D house.. now look. what can u buy with RM100K++? cheap apartment only. teres house oso RM200K++. OK I VOTE FOR GGG IN THE NEXT ELECTION!!


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  • blackhead on Oct 21, 2005 at 3:24 am

    btw, this is the result from gorv delay for almost a year time?

    really disappointed……. let's count we still left how many year life to see their show…

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  • First, We find problem, then we have discussion, after that we got conclusion.

    I think G is doing it best to stright up things here…

    Have you ever make wrong decisions?

    We make right and wrong decisions throughout life. It's how we overcome from wrong to right.

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  • GGG from sarawak ar….me too ^_^ kuching?

    Bumi get priority is already like night and day. As long as we live in Malaysia we have to face it. if want cheap car fast solution is move to brunei (only like 10 hrs drive i think) or labuan ( i heard honda accord 50K there, wtf).

    i agree the G need to make some big changes since we all want to live a comfortable life. Who is satisfied after they have bought a Proton? youd rather want a Honda or Toyota right?

    Even so at that price the quality like crap and the only thing that separate Proton from other foreign make is the TAX? How do people feel if they just spend the majority of their income on an inferior product, at the same price (less tax) of a japanese car?

    How can we reach vision 2020 if we are surpassed by countries like thailand? The only difference between them and us right now is different G POLICY. we got the infrastructure and a substantial source of labour, given the right steps we will not lose to them.

    living standards, economy rise, ppl will be happy

    Think about this : even if we reach vision 2020 will it really be vision 2020 given that other countries (that used to be inferior in economic terms to us) has reached their vision? why realise the Malaysian dream 15 yrs from now when you can do it now? will we be satisfied in 2020? will even some of us live to see it?

    the G will not take chances, it will continue to do the things it has done in the past, since it has never proven them wrong. However this is 2005, and Malaysia in 2005 is not Malaysia in 1985 or 1975, and these methods will not be applicable NOW or the FUTURE.

    The people are discontent, unless you drive a BMW 5 series, live in banglow and can move to Australia anytime with your 3 kids which all got master degree from prestigous university and nice job different lar. they are ppl who got limited spending power and we all want good value for our $$$, not for some "national dignity".

    im satisfied with the new NAP because it symbolizes change and i hope the G will gradually continue to implement new methods in which to ease our suffering and burden on unneccessary taxes to protect a mediocre automobile manufacturer.

    i dont know if anyone DIDNT catch mahathir's sarcastic comment, because what he said is quite appropriate, as is with his tone. It's his brain child, so should be refer to Proton as his legacy? Its a shame really, and even Dr M doesnt want to associate himself with it.

    what was once a personification of his ego turned into a national dissapointment and a utter failture. Im sure the 300,000 are humble, tax-paying citizens but shit happens.but this shit is not a result of coincidence ( u know what i mean).

    wnt to preserve Proton? Malaysia Boleh? All aboard the Ego Train, Fuck the rest!

    "my car broke down, and i still got installments to pay…" sound familiar eh

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  • Ridzuan Zulkifli on Oct 21, 2005 at 4:07 pm

    Oh well, NAP or no NAP, I am happy with my one-month old Honda Civic 2.0 iVTEC – kereta Hari Raya. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Hahahaha! Goodbye my Proton Wira – happy torturing you new owner (may God mercy on his soul)….

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  • GGG – We hope to see you in the Dewan Rakyat/Dewan Negara or whatever high G position in the future so that everybody in Malaysia can buy a freakin' Toyota and stand proud among the US of A, Japan and UK citizens. I want GGG to be the next Prime Minister.

    Ist Agenda when you're in office. Close down Proton/Perodua/Modenas as you don't want to be blamed for protecting these inferior companies later on. Reduce the price for CKD and CBU cars but make sure you pakai Toyota and not a Mercedes Benz or other imported brand as nanti rakyat marah, can't use Proton as closed down already. (Sure all the people loves you when you implement this especially the yuppies).

    Basically minimal income from here and I for my self want a 1967 Shelby Mustang 350GT and for that matter, pls reduce the Road tax as well yeah. Buat apa bayar Road Tax when the roads memang macam sial. Lubang sini lubang sana. Income Tax pun you jangan ubah, if possible I don't want to pay tax like the happy people of Brunei. Oh at the same time, do not reduce the budget for Petrol as I'm using a monster of a gas guzzler and TOLONG jangan naik harga rokok lagi. (More than two terms for Prime Ministerlah you macam nie).

    To improve our tourism macam Thailand, make sure you tutup sebelah mata regarding prostitution and adult entertainment. Then only those perverted orang putih will come running to Malaysia and spend their money. Ask Mr Samy to step down as well and abolish all Toll, the road works tak payah maintain. Biar jalan berlubang-lubang janji boleh jalan. Forget about your 17" rims.

    Sack 1/2 half of the G staffs since we can't pay their salary anymore and automate where possible. No more seeing their ugly mug and get rejected to other counters for not having the proper documentation. Close down several Kementerian/Jabatan and take that responsibility on your own. You hold all the cards. Fix a minimum salary of RM1000.00 for all companies in Malaysia, even for tukang sapu so that to reduce the unemployment rate and make sure they can buy a Toyota. Oh last one, kasi cancel that 5% G tax for dining out. Orang makan pun mau tax. Itu restoran untung biarlah dia untung. Kalau nak untung bukak restoran sendiri.

    As for Singapore, make sure to increase the price of water so that they will drink their own treated water. Let them drink their own piss. Open an international airport in Johor as well as improve the two ports in Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Pelepas. Let's see whether they can maintain their income that way.

    Susah kan kalau jadi the Main G and to satisfy all the 20 Million Malaysians..Just imagine the other 19 999 999 people's needs and wants, not all the people wants cheaper cars..Gettit!!

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  • Adam.

    First of all, i not interest to be in politic or be politicians.

    Nevertheless, i will still try to tell you what wrong with your suggestion. haha.

    First, Close down Proton or perodua will not help the market as who is to cushion the 300,000 people job loss (which i doubt involve so much ppl). It is the management should be change not closing the factory down. Selling a substantial share to VW is a good idea. Perodua is doing fine from my view, it is Proton that mess up. Let foreigner run the proton car factory so at least it will bring export sales.

    Tax will not be reduce as Malaysia has the one of the lowest tax sysem in the world. It is the spending of the govtment should be look at. Instead of building things that do not generate income FOR THE MOMENT (such as putrajaya, twin tower, Bakun Dam and etc), they should focus more invest it things that bring benefits faster such as building a disneyland (like HK), find ways to increase the tourist attraction (it doesn't mean 'chicken', ADAN) for each major towns. What is the point of building so much school, Uni and have a lot graduates when you dont create the market to absorb them. This is what is happening. For that matter, all these schools need operation cost.

    As for road tax, i think it should not be abolish but free for small cars and increase the road tax for big car (except commercial) to tax luxury driver. Especially gas guzzler car such as your dream car., Adan. This is to reduce overall nation fuel consumption. Rokok will go up every years as usual but beers can go down. People can kick rokok habit but not drinking as it is social life. Take that away, you will create more social unrest. What do you expect ppl to relax? you cant expect all ppl are the same can stay home , watch TV, or reading.

    Road toll should not be abolish but since i am not affected (in sarawak), i can only say that maybe it should be adjust to a more comfortable level. One major thing should be improve is to builty road DO LAST not crappy roads that after two years and keep having problem such as pot hole and whatsoever. Tourism like prostitution might not be a bad idea, will to be honest it is not as far as to get tourism. Legalise prostitute is good idea at least keep a watch on the activity like singapore with geyland. After all, no matter how you control , there still exist in the 'black market'. Legalise might bring price down and ppl that DO GO can access to it cheaper. If you ban prostitution, it will only lead to more rape cases. It you take a statistic trend, you can see that might go together type.

    sack 1/2 G staff immediately will not help as who is to cushion their job?. The G staff should be made to be efficient in each departments. Salary will be based on private market BUT so should assessment on increasement and bonus. Additonal staff of each department should be relocate to other department. More staff in G servants will only result lower wages if more 30% are inefficient. Just look at Singapore G servant service. Fix minimum income is a tought act as it depend first on the mentaility of worker. To be honest, i dont think that it will help because majority Malays (NOT ALL) are still wanting the easy way out. The 5% service tax will be replace by GST, so no need to look into that. But i can only say that the govt should adjust other taxes once GST implement or it will really a burden tax.

    As for singapore, we should increase raw water price (but not at unreasonable level), and built our own treatment plant to for johor. Why always 'shooting' at singapore. How many malaysian working in singapore which end of the day bringing money back to Malaysia. Johor state economy is rely on Singapore tourists. How came malaysia ever replace singapore in port service. Singapore can turn one huge container ship in three days which Malaysia port takes at least one weeks. Why shipper chose singapore instead of malaysia (for your info, Singapre charges way much higher in port charges than malaysia), because of time which means money.

    i dont mean that cheap car solve everything. i actually tallking more than just cars. Just that car is easier as an example. Car is only ONE of the example. Gettit., Adan

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  • Critic123 on Oct 21, 2005 at 8:37 pm

    Cars in malaysia is not going to drop price.

    Malaysia is the only country I know where cars that are 20 years old are still in production and that is still selling at a high price. Do you think car companies in general are going to drop price once a new model is out?

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  • Adan, i guess you know nothing about the economics….no hard feeling….hahaha

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  • DOG THE WAN on Oct 22, 2005 at 3:10 am

    I think the car price is not possible to be dropped. But the quality and performance of the car must be increasing whenever any new models launched. This case is similar to Japan.

    Japanese is paying the same amounts of money nearly to 10 years ago, but the car that they get is much better styling and engineering design plus high technologies features. Engine performance, crash performance, Navigator system, Safety feature and ABS, ASC ……etc…..just easy comparison the price is almost the same as WAJA.

    I don't mind paying RM60k and I don't hope the price will be dropped soon, but the features and performance should be nearly to RM60k and above. Same amount RM60k and keep for 10 years but the product must be valued for money.

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  • 123 non taken, kuikuikui…..however we're not talking about economics 101 here, its more toward politics as you're asking the processes & decision made of the the main G.

    What I wrote was the normal situation that everyone feels the G needs to change in everyday life. It's a comical banter that if you want to raise the issue of car pricing, a lot of other issue will follow suit which is more important than the car pricing itself.

    As it is, GGG, you acknowledged that closing Proton/Perodua will not do justice to the economy if we follow suit what Tun DrM suggested. Thanks for explaining it to the mass the consequences of such act. And thanks for rebuting the 'what if' that I commented earlier – eventhough the idea of legalising ayam can be far fetched in a Muslim country.

    The point of the matter is typical of us Asians, when we're asked to step up – the answer will always be 99% – No. This is the root of the problem, Asians tends to be passive & brand conscious. We have to have what the neighbour or friends have. Your wife/peers/friends will always influence your decision making process.

    Let's just say, will you buy a Proton if it has the same quality as the Toyota or any car with a Made in Japan stamp of approval? I don't think so. What will your friend say nanti

    Scenario 1 : "Proton Gen2! kenapa kau tak beli Toyota Vios? Bukannya harga sama. Proton tak ada standardlah babe" then again you have to explain your choice of car.

    Scenario 2 : "Hey man, what car you're driving nowaday. A kancil? why don't you go for the Smart car, its more stylish and its German built."

    So GGG, reducing the car prices is not the answer as this will contradict your statement regarding Proton/Perodua closure. If Toyota is cheaper or with the same pricing bracket (example), knowing Asians/Malaysians that believe in Made in Japan products, Toyota will be selling their cars like hot cakes and Proton and Perodua demands will be lower. With lower demand, then what will happen – 123, kindly answer as you're the economic master. This will not only effect Proton's factory, what will happen to the vendors and suppliers?

    I'll agree with Dog the Wan that improving the quality (all product) is the answer but how to change the mindset of the Malaysians? Not easy as Tun DrM took 20 years, pak lah will at least need another 10 years.

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  • adamckc on Oct 22, 2005 at 9:12 pm

    ya i agree with the first commenter. what the f.. every time policy changes, since 2004, we have been hearing about imported cars would be getting cheaper and all the happy stuff but times and again there is going to increase the excise but give the protected ones other benefits( the other way around for the imported cars). .. so at the end .. no or not much changes in the car prices…

    i started to feel as if i am a buta huruf being played around by our policy makers with powerful words … being pulled on my tail like a bull for many very big rounds, not once but over and over again… bull also gets tired la .. not mentioning human beings… and dont know what it really is going on… why change the policy when the price still the same.. think about the poor citizen as the end user la.. (smoke steaming from my ears….)

    anyway i am just going to drive a junk car till i got extra money for luxury car..

    someone please take over my myvi booking, ready next month, no extra charges. 0122640930.

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  • Adan, we malaysians always behave like we're the "Global Citizen"…but the rest of the world kind like.."who are you?"..

    as i said again and again, 'jaga rumahtangga kita dulu!'…if we already the richest in the world, then so be it, open our border, no tax on cars, buy ferrari for your kid to go to school!

    but, the reality is, we have people in our country who eat once a day, maybe less, yet because of tax on imported cars, we want to burn the whole country!

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  • now talk about car , Adan. I will agree with you that the reason why we will not buy proton if japan car price crash down.

    REASON. it is not brand only…….

    We have given Proton 20 years to prove themselves, we have tolerate them 20 years of bad services, we have being suffer overall high car price to 'own' them. We suffer bad QC. Bad Taste of design.

    This create the mass 'hate' sydrome toward them. Are we proud of Proton? if they have done well, they will not be such an image to the public. If they have done well, i dont mine buying them than Japanese but they are not even match to the rest of the other japanese brand, or even Korean..

    Why ppl like toyota is not because it is japanese, it is because it is reliable. Why not much ppl comment on other japanese brand as much as toyota. ask yourself again.

    Why nowaday, ppl jump to imported car even they are still commanding higher price and result proton to lose market share is basically ppl are fed up with them TOO MUCH. Even Proton is losing to Perodua is market share. Nobody complain perodua, everyone hop to myvi. why? quality is the key.

    BTW, i dont ask the two firms to close BUT i asking them to open up, selling stake to foreigner and boost domestic competition and hopefully to compete EXPORT market (Thailand is already there and we still dreaming). How long do we still need to protect them? another 5 years, 10 years? It is only a matter of sooner or later. Might as well admit it earlier we made a mistake and get on with it. Dont drag the whole country for just the damn pride.

    if Proton have given quality build car, good services (not dreaming that the economy will be forever close and being protected like a BIG BABY) way before AFTA or talk of AFTA such as early 2000's , ppl might have respect them and still consider them. Now AFTA is just around the corner and they still refuse to wake and change. Dont talk about QC. Talk just about bad warranty services is still there to this very day.

    Just look at Korean car. Less than 5 years establishment in Malaysia and they are already releasing almost par car price to Japan. And ppl do accept it. Ask yourself why? 15 years back, nobody accept korean car Worldwide and they are now threatening Japanese made market.

    Five years ago, you might even ask yourself, why hyundai, cheap car…not as worthly as Japanese. why want to buy.

    Brand is how you PROVE to people, not by being IMPOSED on (using the BUATAN MALAYSIA motto).

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  • oh yeah, i would like to say Savy might have good quality (hopefully), it have really BAD TASTE of design.

    So why Myvi win so much booking until the factory bust its capacity?

    think again

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  • oh amost forgot one more thing.

    Savy my first 'lotus'

    lotus fine tune

    lotus design.

    Even proton themselves are using the lotus nrabd to boost their image. why?

    they themselves also do not have the confident in thier own brand and you expect buyer will?

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  • adan,

    to make it easy, we study again about handphone. 5 years back, will you buy samsung handphone? ppl willsay aiya….korean brand lousy lah. Nokia, motorola good, european brand, class.

    What do samsung do, give you good services, warranty, good design.

    Now, samsung rule the handphone as much as nokia. Samsung model now also in the high price.

    Do you still complain that it is korean brand and not european?

    As usual to BRAND is how you market to gain ppl confidence. it is not just say that you are made it Japan. After all, Vios is not make in Japan but Thailand and for ASEAN market only. PPl buy it not because it is Japan made, ppl buy because it is TOYOTA. The brand create a image that it is good quality.

    Did you know that Avanza by toyota suppose to be Perodua car but somehow was put under toyota brand (dont know what sort of agreement was involve).

    initially it came out , ppl rush to buy it because it is toyota. selling like hot cake that time. Later ppl find the car is not to be so fantastic (as it is really not toyota quality car) and its sales drop.

    This shows what? Avanza is toyota but it lost its shine after buyer feel the car is not up its standard of the brand.

    Conclusion. Brand is important to kick sales. But lived up to the brand (quality) is the way to sustain sales.

    and note: Proton have none of both.

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  • Adan,

    last thing and the vital part.

    Price of car drop or no drop will not benefit proton anyway. Why. The current high car price is because of excise duty (levied on all cars whether local or import) not import duty.

    Hence, proton is compete is already competing equal ground (except import duty). The govt might plan other incentives but this will get negative reaction from thai, indo, filipine who also have car industry. They also want malaysia market share.

    The G protecting proton will only result one fine day that the three countries above to just isolate Malaysia from the Afta not in car but all industries.

    To them, it is easy to say you are protecting your lucrative car market then why should we be open on our market to you which you have benefits.

    Our government can no longer protect our car industry. Any beyond 2008 will get their negative reaction or we have to compensate them.

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  • that a good comment GGG.

    at less there know who there r for them self who just (simply say migrant la) in this word that come out . so this people is like indon who dont no a thing only there know is eat people thinking of mind, there only know eat n shit nothing more. there dont no nothing, who that help in term of our country to go up in the first place before now, this people sud go off not us.

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  • eMalaysian on Oct 24, 2005 at 12:14 am

    The car market is a good place for the govt. to get taxes. There is nothing wrong with that. A reduction in import duty will result in an increase in sales tax. In time, there will be a level playing ground for cars because either malaysia is in AFTA and ASIAN or out.

    There govt can help out in r&d cost, for example. But its up to proton get soft skills like management skills, improved customer service, quality management, cost reduction in processes, reduced waste, make sure proton employee is not tidak-apa, etc. No NAP can help. In fact, NAP will make things worse as proton will hide behind it. There is no motivation to improve if there is no competition.

    NAP won't help. How do you think the car industry in Japan, Europe, USA improved? With their own NAP? No. Its called a free-market. If you're bad, you're either out of the market or bought over by someone else. That's how you improve.

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  • sputum on Jan 08, 2006 at 4:35 am

    errr…..this there any chances i could buy superbike with lower price?for example….honda cbr for rm30k???

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  • shianghorng (Member) on Oct 27, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    So, is there a reduce in car’s exise duties?

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  • calvinsoul (Member) on Oct 27, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    How much will Honda City/Civic/Accord drop after they really remove OLD NAP? example accord 2.0 current price 147k MYR, so will be something like 112k? What about honda city 2009? will it drop till like 60k?70? from around 90k? if yes, proton will have problem…

    I am sure gov will do something to protect local car makers.

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