Proton needs to update cars more frequently

Another MP has spoken up on the issue of Proton. Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said that Proton has to update it’s models more frequently as with accelerated product releases by other manufacturers these days, their products go out of fashion more quickly.

He cited an example of what happened to Proton in Qatar. Proton had good sales in Qatar for the first year. But after two years with no new models, consumers could not be attracted to Proton anymore with all the other hot new models brought in by other manufacturers.

Proton is facing competition. This means we have to produce cars that can compete, in the sense that we have to have more models. They have to produce more models more regularly. Proton has good facilities. They are producing quality cars but what use is that if they produce cars that the consumer does not want? You cannot wait one year, two years. Others are (producing) a new model every six months.

This is definitely important for Proton’s survival in overseas markets which are unprotected. They are not forced to buy Proton. So why choose an unappealing car?

Proton has plans to invest another RM 5 billion into the automotive industry in the next few years. Let’s hope part of that investment would be accelerated R&D facilities so they can roll out updated models quicker than the current pace. With faster development facilities, Proton would be able to respond to market tastes much quicker. This is important in scoring a winner.


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Paul Tan

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  • invest more R & D is waste. they should be invest in 'cleaning up' their QC first.

    New model is not a good idea too fast as they cant fully utilise the cost of the mould by just rely on domestic market.

    FIX their QC problem lah

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  • danishbrad on Oct 21, 2005 at 2:50 am

    all talk but no action these people

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  • Proton's Tanjung Malim plant was build according to Toyota's procedures. I think they were actually brought in as consultants. So for technology-wise, you can't go much better in terms of QC. All that's left is worker attitude I guess.

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  • toolan on Oct 21, 2005 at 3:01 am

    QC i think is being fix la. thats why they hire TUV. but yes i think proton need constantly update its product. new model or new facelift at yearly basis. n facelift means newlook. not just put on spoiler n call it a facelift.

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  • agree with you paul…..the people

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  • Aris Tee on Oct 21, 2005 at 4:22 am

    well said toolan… ;)

    lets just hope things change for the better… there's lots of potential, just waiting for them to fully utilize their capabilities…

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  • cbljkkj on Oct 21, 2005 at 4:37 am

    It is time to put words into action. If claimed that the Tanjung Malim plant was built according to Toyota's procedures and quality control is performed by TUV, then we should have no problem with their cars in the future (touch redwood tree)

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  • infinity on Oct 21, 2005 at 4:39 am

    yeah..agree..must have more new models…as we can c…the perdana is using the same chasis from day 1 it was produced..tat was back to 1995…10 years later still the same chasis..though new bumper,grill,spoiller&etc…and if i'm not mistaken,it was the eterna's not enough…its new models should be more "people friendly"..

    For example the Gen2…back seat not enough head room, no glove compartment…

    savvy…i dunno bout u guys…but the shape is not agreeable with me..i would prefer myvi to savvy..

    proton should really listen to the public's view..

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  • gegaoff on Oct 21, 2005 at 5:08 am

    new car design is need, yes, but also the QC things.

    plant at tanjung malim is according to TOYATA standard, so what? is that mean the shah alam plant no need to upgrade? the plant is not the main issue here, most important is they must apply those what so call procedure to every single level while producing a car. that's call IMPROVE.


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  • sekot on Oct 21, 2005 at 5:15 am

    New models? Toyota take less then 2 years to develop new model. In fact, currently they have the shortest leadtime to produce new models compare to other competitor. they react as fast as the sales require. proton? how many years already you heard abt srm but nothing comes out? from f-proto, to p-proto, now which stage already? p-proto-z? work according to your schedule la. put extra effort, not going back early. 1 day delay = few million wasted. Its Muda (japanese word for waste)! Got it proton! now go, and solve your internal issue. Put extra effort, and plan accordingly la. Back to basics, SOP, Engineering Standard in doing everything. DFMA, FMEA semua tuh 1st priotrity la…… cheh, talking abt new models. ptui!

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  • Handsfree on Oct 21, 2005 at 5:25 am

    for me.. QC is no 1… no matter how many M or B of ringgit invested in… use…. wrong attitude means… u build a Roll Royce look alike. it will still break down…

    Proton… QC comes 1ST……pls..

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  • Ihateproton on Oct 21, 2005 at 5:52 am

    There are too many things wrong with proton.

    Bad QC, Bad aftersales, Bad vendors, Shitty 1980 designed cars, utter refusal to update cars, and rediculously high price for the shit they spit out…

    i have no confidence that a 'mere' 5 billion dollars is gonna save them.

    just sell the bloody company to VW and save us all the misery.

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  • Gannima on Oct 21, 2005 at 6:08 am

    [Proton has to update it’s models more frequently ]

    A 3 year old also know lah.

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  • Keith Yeoh on Oct 21, 2005 at 6:38 am

    Why QC? Good QC is to add another X 100% filteration gate to avoid degraded part from deliver to customer. They should practice QA, TQM, Six Sigma / Lean management. Quality is build in, until Proton, Proton's multi tier vendors having the same mind set, otherwise I didn't see the situation will improve further.

    Besides, getting TUV QMS don't mean Proton product having good quality. It is just a quality management system, if there is the break down in the entire system, execution problem; I don't they can go any further.

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  • Great Wall Of China on Oct 21, 2005 at 6:56 am

    why are those MP issuing these statement now??Is it they closed their eye before this???

    they should've gave out this critic earlier in the 90s……

    it's a bit late now..with the AFTA coming soon..

    Potong won't survive without GOVERMENT PROTECTION!!!!!!!!

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  • kalen_XI on Oct 21, 2005 at 7:21 am

    those MPs are gunning fer Rafidah's post lah..thats why make so much noise..

    if THE PM notice someone who can give ideas..or the boards think he/she is impressive aka bullshiting…

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  • blackhead on Oct 21, 2005 at 7:28 am

    for me, proton no need to update new cars too frequently since his old model stocked too much. what he really need to do is stop selling these more than 10 year old model after clear his gudang.

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  • 4G63T on Oct 21, 2005 at 7:58 am

    No matter what Plotong does….we'll vote with our money. The G can mis-manage the country's fortune on Plotong all they want, but its still going to die if no one buys thier cars. We all know, no one buys Plotongs overseas, so they are depending on us to survive. If they need to convince anyone..its us, the rakyat. And they have been horrible at that for the past 20 years.

    Can't afford a new car? buy a used japanese car…or a Perodua for that matter.

    Better quality or more models, I'll believe it when I see it….its all talk now.

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  • when i was born i see saga in dealer. now also i see saga in dealer.


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  • Andrew on Oct 21, 2005 at 9:47 am

    well… well… it seems like alot of ppl agrees on one thing, and including me, that is, that:-

    1) Potong must clean up its act first and foremost… make sure QC is really a QC that is up to standard, not just pasting the "LULUS" sticker on the window of every darn car they roll out. frankly those stickers sounds more like "LOLOS" (escaped… from actual QC) to me. 'nuff said. New models can wait…

    2) Kick away those lousy parts vendor… do it and dont just NATO only… if there are foreign parts manufacturer who can do better and cheaper, it only makes business sense to keep cost low while ensuring quality products… it doesnt takes an MBA to suggest this, even secondary schoolboys knows how to do business!

    3) Capture foreign market? hello? U cant even stand properly without a crutch in ur home country, what makes u think u can play along with the big boys out there? make sure u can stand on ur own feet first lah!!! chinese saying, belum belajar berjalan sudah mahu berlari…

    improve, at least, up to the level where ur own country ppl support u bcoz of ur car quality, not bcoz they're forced to!

    have u no shame at all? do u even know how to spell shame? even fellow countrymen no give face bash u like nobody's business, what makes u think ppl out there will give two hoots about u? has the comment by the ppl at TopGear not enough wake u up from sleep ah?

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  • E-Nabill on Oct 21, 2005 at 10:03 am

    i tink sice thy are under unbelievable amount of preasure,i tink thy can pul thmselves together n do it…if australia and UK sales are anyting to go by,thy are on the right track…if thy work very closly with lotus on new models i tink thy can do it…as for QC issues…actually tanjung malim is one hell of an automotive plant…VW/GM and hundai are nt stupid wen thy all interested in the factory…btw,the factory is entirly made by LG electronics,thy took 5yrs to develop the robots on a specific systems…so in terms of capabilities,its definalty thr,bt wen it comes with QC…its nt entirly protons fault..its those bullshit vendors who use the cheapest shit matrials…best solution is for proton to actually own thse vendors in order for QC to be done within the vendors,NOT wen the car is rolling out to stock yard…its NOT cheap to buy out thse vendors…i tnik best solution is for proton to buy or change the vendors who resposible for building the folowing…

    1-door panels


    3-rubber linings

    4-all diferent types of panels inside the interior

    if a normal waja had a really good build quality interior.atleast sting like a sentra which is not the bst..thn it wd be great…imagin a waja without rattles ??great izint it…ii tink TUV oso can really do their jobs freely…TUV cant simply say that this or that vendor is not qualified to supply parts,does that mean that vendor n its thousands of employees will be out of biz?? i jus wish politics wer nt involved here…anyway..lets hope for the best….im optimistic…so lets all be….

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  • if you say proton not at fault is true, but at vendor fault is wrong. If the products have quality problem why proton still use it. The decision maker of parts already 'makan' their kopi so cant reject the products.

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  • who knows maybe its not the vendor fault, but Proton just pushing the blame on vendor so they would seem less wrong. Just a PR stunt?

    my 2 cents but i agree with the QC. If QC high standard then would have no problem, crap part would not be used because it wont keep up with the standard. The problem with Proton is that there is little to no QC : to them as long car dun fall apart before reach dealer can liao, if anything happen warranty lor.

    they think warranty can solve everything as it is no cost to the customer, but wat happen if it run out? or ppl dun have time to wait at SC all the damn time?

    Proton not competitive; they are complacent. if 2 yrs from now things dun turn around and they dun increase their quality tenfold it will piss alot of Malaysian off, lol.

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  • DOG THE WAN on Oct 21, 2005 at 4:21 pm

    More MODELS and in short duration (less than 2 years)…..request POTONG??

    And then Compare to TOYOTA??? WoW!!

    Do you know how many R&D ENGINEER IN TOYOTA compare to POTONG….ANyone guess please. ….Come on!!

    There are at lease more than 3000 ENGINEERs working in R&D TOYOTA but POTONG only Have I guess 300 ENGINEERs. There are about 10 times more workforces input to R&D and each models have specify Team or Speciallist to do the jobs….I can said most of them are EXPERTs FROM styling, Engineering , prototyping, testing and Product planning. POTONG 300 ENGINEERs and not all Experts??? HOW lei??? HOW to do the job or focus!!

    Therefore, POTONG biggest PRoblems are Experts and manpower in R&D. They should HIRE more EXPERTS don'T care about RACES or Nationality first.

    Also, other auto maker had no choices, like TOYOTA case, since they have so many workforces in R&D they have to force developing new models continuosly also in short time to offset to COST, each ENGINEER and EACH projects must have own expenses. That's why they have to launch so many cars and even weird looking car oftenly……within or less than 2 years.

    I don't think making more MODELS or launch new products every 6 months is make sense, cause the models might be faced out very quick also DIE & MOULD cost, who pay?? I prefer EUROPeAN style GoOD models and last for LONG at least every 3 to 4 years still OKAY. :)

    This comment from Another MP is just Another BULLSHIT without STUDY the problems deeply…..Just CAKAP ANGIN. Talk KOK.

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  • zongtwi on Oct 21, 2005 at 4:51 pm

    As usual…Proton bashing time! Hehe Although I agree what everyone is saying about their QC and low quality cars etc… but I think it is unfair to judge them this badly now, when the company is still restructuring under the new management. All the bad things that are currently happening right now, are products from the previous management.

    I dare say that under the previous management, this one particular CEO, who was in control since 1997, managed the company like it was his own (LITERALLY!!). Some people even called it a dictatorship. It was a bad case of mis management, and if I were the Proton board members, I'd be suing this particular ex-CEO for all his worth, exactly like what MAS are doing now.

    I do agree, he had a good vision for Proton, unfortunately he was too ambitious, wanting the best technology for the car, but with the lowest price possible. This meant only one thing…you've got to cut corners and reduce quality, just to bring the cost down. So you'll find that Proton cars would have brilliant ride and handling, good safety features, but very low build quality. The thing is people don't see the extra effort taken in the technology that is hidden beneath the skin of the car. What people saw were build defects, low quality materials, breaking power windows etc.

    This one particular CEO also changed his mind as often as he breaths… which meant no product planning, no forecasts etc. One day he'll want something, the next day he'll want something else. This costed Proton a lot of money. No one dared to defy him, for the sake of their own pot. Even the Lotus UK management were afraid of him. Fortunately for Proton, he's gone now, and as the darkness of the night passes by, comes a new dawn for this 'beloved' Malaysian National car maker.

    The picture nowadays are brighter for Proton. They've called in TUV as quality consultants for one main purpose…to increase the quality of their products. They are very aware that their products have very low quality. Every Proton employee knows that. So increasing quality is their main agenda now. Lets hope the new management will succeed in doing this, and lets hope they solve this problem real soon, for the sake of Proton.

    Being where I am now, I am hearing a lot of very interesting news coming out from Proton. I have even SEEN some suprising and brilliant things. Unfortunately, my hands are tide to confidentiality. Making my point simple…they are definitely moving in the right direction. My bet is the next 3-4 years, would be very tough for Proton, but after that, if everything goes to plan…it would be plain sailing for them.

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  • THOMAS on Oct 21, 2005 at 4:54 pm

    1) Proton really need more new model, ISWARA & WIRA r end of life model.

    2) Proton need to understand ppl's need to desire well accepted model. The latest model GEN2 & SAVVY, not really compitative compare to others model.

    it lack of "head room", may be because of the designer only 4 feet 9 inch tall only.

    3) improve the Quality,the ppl only wish to have a reliable car.

    4) Improve the salesman, service centre standard & attitude.

    5) Do more research related to FUEL SAVING.

    6) change the marketing strategi, try to change the ppl's preception about PROTON car, " CHEAP & NOT RELIABLE"

    After all, i must said that; PROTON already improve a lot on QUALITY, espeacially on the WAJA, GEN2 & SAVVY. They r keep changing but the movement may be not as fast as ppl expected.

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  • Nameless on Oct 21, 2005 at 5:44 pm

    proton dun need new model now,just shut down since his Waja model introduced in market. Wira model is much more less problem than recent model. Just shut down forever let perodua lead the market,OK!

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  • jenSSSS on Oct 21, 2005 at 6:10 pm

    '"hy are those MP issuing these statement now??Is it they closed their eye before this???

    they should’ve gave out this critic earlier in the 90s……"

    Semua MP jaga periuk nasi masa tu, takut kena campak Mahathir. Mana mau cari makan? Sekarang Mahathir sudah keluar itu MP berani cakap la

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  • ya loh,

    the first proton launched, is still selling…. that is 20 years already.

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  • sekot on Oct 21, 2005 at 6:59 pm

    Zongtwi, you are so true!!!!!!!!!!!! heheh.. no planning, just balun saja…… hari ni audi material, esok BMW material… hari nih bontot itik, lusa bontot kuda… hmmm

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  • In QC sense, Proton is improving with the Savvy. Don't believe me, go and compare it with the Gen 2 or Waja. Which have the more solid build. Do not have this negative mindset regarding Proton where you will bash first without checking. We should see the improvement from here onwards instead of giving your two cents here and there.

    1) The old Iswara/Saga/Satria and Wira design or shape have to go – period. Maintain the name as a countinuity and legacy of the brand – refer to Civic and Accord which has changed for how may models, I'm not sure. With this, the consumer can compare the old Iswara with the new Iswara and then only they can see the differences.

    2) Emulate TUV in doing QC on the cars. Instead of every 1000 cars, reduce to 100 and later 10 cars for a QC check. Then only the niggling QC problem can be solved. If need to increase work force, increase it.

    QC have to be made on Proton Edar and EON customer service as well – this I have seen and participate in the Glenmarie Proton Edar wher you can grade your customer service officer and mechanics. It show that steps have been made to rectify this.

    3) Kill of entirely the inferior parts supplier. Go only for the best in the market tak kiralah Malaysian company or overseas companies. If you want to be a Proton supplier, make sure you're giving the best.

    4) Get Non-Bumiputra's in the Proton higher management, then only the check and balance take effect as per our current G ada DAP as well as PAS. Not everyone will say 'Yes' or jump when you're asked to jump.

    5) Improve R&D and the budget for this department so that more good models can be created. Produce high performance engines with good fuel consumption or with alternate source – hybrid concept.

    However, to do all this we must be willing to pay the extra dough for a Proton model. The question is – "Are you willing to pay extra for a better Proton?"

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  • SEE FU on Oct 21, 2005 at 8:21 pm

    OKAY!! Okay!! IS MY TURN now!!

    MORE MODELS: OKAY!! agreed but must be GOOD models and low maintenance cost!! Separe Parts PRICE high as GOLD, quality low as Shit. Somemore replacement parts have to waste your GOLDEN TIME and MONEY.

    JUST ask yourself WHY YOU WANNA TO BUY brand new car???

    Will you buy it if…

    1) car is New but many problems.

    2) Warranty period OKAY but JUST after the warranty, next day "KONG".

    3) Products design not egonomic and bad layout design.

    4) Free "MUSIC sound track" enhancement, Qek Qek…..KO..LO…TOk..tok…after 2 years.

    5) Service man low technical Know How, only blame the car is CHEAP.

    More models like this…………MATI LAGI CEPAT OH……!!

    YAU MO KAU…………CHOU!!! Paul Who said that!!! Which MP!!

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  • Critic123 on Oct 21, 2005 at 8:21 pm

    Quality is not just about Technology. Its about people. Which covers areas like the management, the processes, the operations, the systems, the service, etc.

    Its not just proton. Its malaysians. Its our attitude. Walk in a malaysian bank. Do you get a smile? Do you get a greeting? Once I walked into a local bank and people the counter ladies were chatting while customers were in a looong line. Walk into a proton service centre and see what kind of service you get – bad. This is about attitude to quality and to customer satisfaction.

    Do proton people really care about customer satisfaction? Or is it just the usual tidak apa attitude? After all, are the employees in proton worried about proton closing down? I think not. The govt is going to bail them out. So why worry. Tidak apa lah.

    I bet if the govt pulls out all aid to proton, then they will start to buck up or lose jobs.

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  • albagmane on Oct 21, 2005 at 9:39 pm

    toyota = good

    honda = good

    hyundai = good

    kia = good

    nissan = good

    mazda = good

    mitsubishi = good

    proton = shit no improve

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  • Padaidik on Oct 21, 2005 at 10:05 pm

    takut nak beli keta PROTON…semua dok hentam…

    tunggu dan lihat je la ye…kalay PROTON dah O.K baru beli agaknya :)

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  • zongtwi on Oct 21, 2005 at 10:36 pm

    Give the new management a chance la to try and improve…they've only been in charge for a few months only, takkan la Proton dah boleh nak change over night! The old CEO was in charge for a long time…

    Give them atleast a couple more years laa…if by then Proton still the same and no obvious improvements, then barula kite kutuk sama sama!

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  • sekot on Oct 21, 2005 at 11:54 pm

    Adan, you said get non bumi? Dato Tony Chan is Head of Quality. Ask where he comes from? Toyota group. the data is all there for you to check. Remember swee ming? hehh TM punya org kuat… Platform B punya boss jaga G2…. lagi? Damian.. The designer that bring you guys the G2… lagi mau…cari sendiri la… now it is not because bumi or non bumi .. its the mentality itself… revamp the whole thing… restructure (10 kali dah.. PERT, RND, ED, PLATFORM…sama saja)… ap lagi yang bole buat aaa? buang semua orang, ambik orang baru semua kot?

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  • Andrew on Oct 22, 2005 at 12:00 am

    "Adan said, October 21, 2005 @ 12:01 pm

    However, to do all this we must be willing to pay the extra dough for a Proton model. The question is – “Are you willing to pay extra for a better Proton?”

    i dont mind paying extra for the quality and build, no matter wat brand of car, as long as it is worth my every single cent…

    but if potong continues to shove us bad cars and expect us to continue paying more, then i'm sorry…

    i'd rather have my money feed the workers in malacca (where the honda assembly plant is) than feeding workers in shah alam and tanjung malim who buat kerja sambil lewa…

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  • QC this n that all so no used is there not really do n prove it.

    time will prove it. see what there r really doing . is not proton that bad is a person who manage it who stupid enough , then u know who there r type of.

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  • Keith Yeoh on Oct 22, 2005 at 3:59 am

    Come on…. Proton should deliver the quality part at lower cost.

    With the RM64K for Waja, with dollar to dollar comparision, we should able to buy the Nissan Sunny (Sentra) 1.6L A (Incl. COE) in Singapore.

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  • frossonice on Oct 22, 2005 at 5:29 am

    Cakap BM ye.

    Cari old generation Civic dan tengok apa problem dia. Orang dulu kata, kereta karat sebab cepat sangat karat. Tengok Hyundai Sonata lama dan tengok betapa hodoh designnya sampai tak laku langsung. Jepun baru menyerlahkan kualiti kereta (sebab itu harga kereta Jepun semakin mahal), Korea ikut sama. Berapa lama mereka dalam industri automobil? Mitsubishi dulu siap pernah buat Zero (kapal terbang perang dunia ke2).

    Jadi tak payah banding dengan Proton sebab memang jauh. Tapi silapnya Proton awal-awal lagi takde partnership dengan big company. Dengan Mitsubishi pun takat rebadging. Kata seorang analisis dahulu, tujuan kerjasama dengan Mitsubishi sebab Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ada buat kapal terbang, jadi alang-alang kongsi teknologi, baik kongsi yang lain-lain sama.

    Proton sebenarnya kena cari partner secepat mungkin. Dan pada pendapat aku, partner dari european country atau US lebih baik sebab mereka lebih terbuka dengan teknologi berbanding partner Jepun. Tengok Skoda, Audi, Volvo, Saab, Mini, Opel yang semuanya bawah partner yang lebih besar. Dulu hampir melingkup tapi sekarang semakin bagus. Kalau dapat dengan Renault aku rasa bagus sebab ada Mr. Ghosn yang mengembalikan semula kegemilangan Nissan. Lagipun Renault sekarang banyak bagi bantuan termasuk enjin kepada Proton. Renault juga ada legasi F1. Volkswagen entahlah, di europe pun tengah tak betul, ada hati nak beli kompeni lain. Tapi kena akui, Volkwagen boleh naikkan jenama bawah syarikat dia.

    Proton kena tambah model terutamanya model SUV, VAN, MPV dan sedan. Sekarang ni aku tak tahu GEN2 nak letak dalam kategori mana. Ikut skema model BMW, MERC dan Audi lebih senang dan jelas.

    Tak payah tutup Proton, buat malu je nanti. Bangunkan semula, itu lagi baik. Just my point of view.

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  • Lpost on Oct 22, 2005 at 6:16 am

    what have I heard from rumour, the main cause of QC problem(ppl discuss about it everywhere and yet hot like goreng pisang panas) occur is the design department and production/costing depertment running by one head. in common practise, design and production department work seperately.

    no wonder, the decisions to use cheap material can be simply made.

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  • hold world know proton is a sham, so what. either we invest more in R&D n take time to improvement o just joint venture whit other who can do better that can do will in our market n oversea, in that way can save it.

    if no money no talk.

    dollar to dollar compare our car is more expensive then import car, is not just because of higher TEX to import car whit same type. it look like we clean foreigner butt

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  • Lpost on Oct 22, 2005 at 6:38 am

    kpd frossonice,

    Volswagen group ialah pengeluar kereta terbesar di europe di ikuti renault. orang perancis kedekut teknologi sama macam orang jepun. usahasama antara renault dan nissan adalah menang-menang, penyebab nissan mengadakan perikatan adalah ingin mencapai market share yang tinggi di europe dan juga cost effective. nissan jugak mempunyai brand yg cukup berjaya di USA, infiniti.

    kesimpulannya, tak perlulah kerjasama dgn renault (atau lain2 carmaker dr perancis)

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  • remember the time when proton had the 'take it or leave it' attitude.

    Love to see proton going down now. can't wait to see them losing more money. toast to their failure

    Proton bosses out there: any more smart ass attitude left??

    By the way,if ur cars don't sell, don't blame it on others

    proton! shit quality.

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  • by the way, don't get a cranky old man for an adviser. He is just there for the retirement money.

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  • initially i wanted to change my wira to gen2 but i canceled my plan as found gen 2 not suitable for my family. I planed to change to waja but people said proton will facelift the waja soon but i waited waited so loooong never launch. I finally bought avanza.

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  • sinleong on Oct 22, 2005 at 7:56 pm

    Update its model? After Gen-2 and Savvy, I think they scare if given a facelit, will hurt their sales.

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  • infinity on Oct 22, 2005 at 7:56 pm

    i think proton is upgrading it's QCC with its savvy…but wat bout the other cars??gen2??waja??i understood tat savvy is under the TUV inspection..i guess savvy is a good quality car…i've heard lots of complain bout gen2 and waja..but not savvy…proton needs to change its focus to the existing cars..proton make sure that parts supplier for savvy is at least grade B and above..y not do the same with gen2 and waja??another thing…the satria replacement model is plan together with wrm(gen2) and trm(savvy)…wat happen to it now??and i remember there was an article on this site bout the new waja..where izit??and perdana??mana pergi??

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  • infinity on Oct 22, 2005 at 8:01 pm

    btw…proton should not do any facelift wat they did to wira and perdana…so many generations of facelifts…but it's still using the same chasis..same old tech..cannot go for crash test…maybe get 0..upgrade the car…start from a scratch..produce new models…stop the production of the old models…those old models is really giving proton a bad name..honestly..i support proton..but proton must prove that it's worth supporting..

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  • Infinity,

    Your idea of killing the old models is right. The only way to improve the image of Proton with the new regime is to built on the success of the coming Savvy Auto, SRM, PRM and WRM with a spot of TUV approval. That should make the new buyers come and see the products. Clean off the old inferior Mitsu based products so that no comparison can be made at the showrooms.

    Example : From Alfasud to 164, Alfa Romeo is synonym with rusting buckets of bolts, bad quality interior and mega bad resale value in Malaysia. Only those who has a cult following (like me) will consider to buy one. However, they revamped themselves with the later models 147, 156, 166 and current latest GT, 159 and turn their market around. Their showrooms are made to be modern and brought in a new management (Kill of Milan Auto) to reflect that this is the new Alfa Romeo Malaysia and to distant themselves from the old Alfa Rome image.

    I believe with the same process of reinventing themselves and upgrading of the current facilities to mimic the Proton Edar Mutiara concept and customer service, Proton can change their fate from 'bashing time' to 'praising time'.

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  • thomas on Oct 22, 2005 at 10:19 pm

    The challenge ahead PROTON is BIG. The ppl only look at new model only; everyone also like new experience, new car just like new fashion.

    Look at CITY, VIOS, AVANZA, CITRA,MYVI, INNOVA & SWIFT, all sell like hot cake. I remember 3 yr ago lauching HONDA CITY, HONDA salesman told me "duduk tak gerak pun dapat sell, macam jual sayur".

    therefore PROTON need more new model to give ppl more choice.

    Furtheremore, ppl also don want to spend money but get trouble, the car must be reliable & friendly/easy to use; so PROTON better don design AH BENG car "ENGINEERED TO EXHILARATE".

    Look at the QUALITY, so PROTON car can get better 2nd hand value.

    Understand the ppl's need, PROTON will get the support & market.

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  • thomas on Oct 22, 2005 at 10:31 pm

    Don forget, CHINA car is coming; THE DRAGON already awake.

    If we don support our own product, 300'000 ppl will be jobless.

    Those like to criticise, pls criticise CHINA car instead of PROTON. They only will build their car in their homeland, because labour is cheap.

    To all PROTONman, pls awake; the Dragon is coming;

    To all PROTONman, Stop Dreaming & Stop playing politic in PROTON, look at your job & reponsibility, Design & build better car for Malaysian. IF U DON WANT TO EAT SHIT.

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  • infinity on Oct 22, 2005 at 11:29 pm

    i hope savvy is the new beginning…with the TUV approval,let savvy be the pioneer of good quality PROTON..i hope,all the future models will be a world-class PROTON..eliminate saga,iswara and wira..and replace gen2,waja and perdana with a new good quality PROTON..the name of the new model is's the quality tat counts..and PROTON should really speed up it's new car production..i've been waiting for the SRM long enough…

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  • outspoken on Oct 23, 2005 at 1:39 am

    emm.. from my view, local automotive manufacturers use too many middle-parties to manufacture their product (makan atas angin). This leads to increase in production cost. On the other hand, Proton have done brilliantly in term of designing ( although the majority of ideas might have come from LOTUS). The quality must improve, but I don't agree fighting the likes of HONDAS, TOYOTAs with quantity of models launch. If you look at the motorcycle industries, HONDA is still top but they only produce HONDA WAVE and EX5. Family saloon is the main market for cars. Improve the GEN-2/WAJA replacement model (if there's exist such plan).. savvy has done well so far, hopefully the SRM will be better. It's a pity that GEN-2 is clogged with quality issue. I honestly considered buying one if not for the overall quality.. For the sake of proton and its thousands of employees, good luck. the next 2 years will make-or-break for you…

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  • 4G63T on Oct 23, 2005 at 2:41 am

    There is nothign wrong with the design of plotongs or how they look. The Waja looks conservative because its meant to target a conservative market. The Gen-2 actually looks good with proper aftermarket bolt ons (ie, look at the Gen2 R3)

    If Plotong can't figure out to build a good Waja or Gen-2 in the past 4 years they haev been making them (ie. as in improve on them), how you'd think they will cope with bringing out half cooked cars every 4 years (a'la Civic)?.

    Seriously about TUV and the Sawi….. Does TUV look at EVERY Sawi that gets off the line? I think not. Its still marketing hype.

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  • Thomas on Oct 23, 2005 at 4:13 am

    TUV inspector can't inspect every SAVVY that roll off from the production, but they can ensure all components within spec & mantain at certain standard.

    hopefully the future model also can achieve it; on another hand, this is the tool to change ppl thinking about PROTON car, also get the confidence of oversea market, the MAKSALLEH only believe in their standard, not SIRIM.

    Good work must carry on,also aggresively bring out more new models to gain the market share.

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  • Lpost on Oct 23, 2005 at 4:25 am

    potong la, plotong la, sawi la…aiyaaa mcm2 nama…manyak susah ooo…

    bikin kelete bukan macam bikin kalipap atau kuih mulan naahhh….

    i'm sure proton can do better if the policians didnt involve.

    i'm not proton fan. before savvy on sale, ppl always talk about proton bad quality, then now the savvy has good quality (TUV), ppl still complaning, about the design. what ever proton did some ppl will complain.

    dunno lah, malaysia ppl always like this mah…espeially those study or working/worked oversea(not all)…

    GO PROTON…!!!

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  • Lpost on Oct 23, 2005 at 4:27 am

    i'm using a nec monitor and its was inspected by TUV…

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  • Thomas on Oct 23, 2005 at 7:25 am


    Not inspected by TUV, ut passed TUV standard.

    Proton different, they bring in TUV as consultant & Inspector. Also set new standard.

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  • infinity on Oct 23, 2005 at 7:58 am

    watever u do..sure got ppl's the number tat counts..dun think tat toyota or honda no complains..sure got,but less..or maybe there r some ppl tat dun like 2c other success…purposely spread some bad image bout proton…bout 10-15 years back, i heard of ppl saying they saw Milo tin in a proton saga accident..or another guy said scratch the proton saga with a coin,u can c Milo logo…which is impossible rite??these ppl r jz too free i guess…somehow,there r ppl who like to disregard our own malaysian product..those r really the ugly malaysians…

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  • yhtan on Oct 23, 2005 at 10:24 am

    Proton need a good management to buck it up,

    we are waiting for the next CEO….

    see him/her can manage Proton well or not

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  • wiraone on Oct 23, 2005 at 10:15 pm


    You're rightly so in what you're saying. Nobody .. I mean nobody will satisfy with whatever they've … or even they saw. If you're Jeremy follower, you'll see that he always have the "BUT" section when test driving a car.

    About those 'tin Milo' comments or rumors, I think they've just exaggerate the thing.

    And my 'but' section too .. BUT, I hate to say that we've given enough time to Proton to buck up. 20 years is a hell lot of times for them to be the number one but what can we see now.. I know that the government has its say but can we stop the politicans from interfering Proton? And all these fighting among the top Malay businessmans really hurts Proton.

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  • eMalaysian on Oct 23, 2005 at 11:44 pm

    Proton won't buck up. Why bother? The goverment will bail them out right? What's the motivation to buck up? Tidak apa lah…

    Don't blame proton and the goverment only. As long as Malaysians continue to buy bad quality product and don't stand up for our own consumer rights then proton will continue to survive. Why bother to improve quality when the malaysian consumers will buy them anyway?

    The malaysian market in general (not just car only) will continue to be backward compared to the States/Europe. Why? There is no real competition and the malaysian public accepts that. Malaysia is the only market where car prices are stable and goes up. Same as hand phone market. Same as TV market. etc. etc.

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  • eMalaysian on Oct 23, 2005 at 11:51 pm

    Proton needs to find a market niche. It doesn't need so much new car models. It doesn't need to compete in perodua's small car market. It doesn't need to come up with SUV or Pick-up. Find a market niche.

    Prodon used to be the cheapest car for that particular car size. That niche is lesser with more players in the market. Proton can cut more cost and continue to be a player in that market. Wiras and Wajas if reduced to 30-50% its price can still compete with big player. If the satria can be sold in taiwan at lower price than malaysia and have more feature and better quality, then why can't it be sold in malaysia with lower price, lower quality and lower feature?

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  • only now they are doing they are supposed to do 20 years ago… long time to wait no? ppl wont complain about Proton if they are satisfied with it, which they are not.

    i cannot understand this national pride bullshit. Proton is just another automobile company. if cannot keep up with the industry 20 years from launch even under heavy govt protection they should know wat to do. protect national dignity my ass la, this national dignity cost $$$$ u know, knn.

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  • thomas on Oct 24, 2005 at 4:48 pm

    LATEST market news, PROTON going to assemble 2 vw model, 1 mini compact & 1 mpv,

    PAUL, do u mid to confirm?

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  • eMalaysian on Oct 24, 2005 at 10:02 pm

    About national dignity …

    Ahh … but we can say the saga is a CLASSIC car. Better still, we can take pride in making a car that can have a 20 year product live span. No other car manufacturer can beat us. Now, that's national dignity. No other car manufacturer in europe/japan/states can beat us. Hahahaha …

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  • soya bean on Oct 24, 2005 at 10:17 pm

    Its not just proton. Its malaysians. Its our attitude. Walk in a malaysian bank. Do you get a smile? Do you get a greeting? Once I walked into a local bank and people the counter ladies were chatting while customers were in a looong line.

    ….comment by critics123

    …u r bloody right…walk into most bumiputra-commerce bank, and what u get is shoddy service..i have witnessed first -hand one of the staff scolding a malay customer, (he said "apa punya bank, service manyak slow, staff selamba je to her daughter on the handphone") and U KNOW WHAT? THE WHOLE STAFF AT THE COUNTER LAUGHED AT THAT POOR CUSTOMER..the staff were terribbly rude and bloody arrogant…the chinese "officer" just non chalantly ask me to fill in the form when i tried appling for a credit card…i closed my account and just walked out..and i am not the only dude who has stories to tell about this bank!!!

    in comparison, just look at the public bank…the staff are still locals, but the service is first-class…the staff smiles at u, the waiting is minimal….even maybank pales by comparison…no wonder public bank was voted the best bank in malaysia for several years

    its allin the "tidak apa" attitude

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  • soya bean on Oct 24, 2005 at 10:24 pm

    Better still, we can take pride in making a car that can have a 20 year product live span. No other car manufacturer can beat us. Now, that’s national dignity. No other car manufacturer in europe/japan/states can beat us. Hahahaha …

    ….by emalaysian

    hahahaha emalaysian that was very funny anyway i have own 4 potong cars…saga (total transmission replacenmt surgery), wira aeroback (the rear boot/glass was so misaligned- off center that u can poke your middle finger in!!!…maybe i should show the finger to the potong bagero who stick the "lulus" sticker on that NEW CAR)

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