Another MP has spoken up on the issue of Proton. Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said that Proton has to update it’s models more frequently as with accelerated product releases by other manufacturers these days, their products go out of fashion more quickly.

He cited an example of what happened to Proton in Qatar. Proton had good sales in Qatar for the first year. But after two years with no new models, consumers could not be attracted to Proton anymore with all the other hot new models brought in by other manufacturers.

Proton is facing competition. This means we have to produce cars that can compete, in the sense that we have to have more models. They have to produce more models more regularly. Proton has good facilities. They are producing quality cars but what use is that if they produce cars that the consumer does not want? You cannot wait one year, two years. Others are (producing) a new model every six months.

This is definitely important for Proton’s survival in overseas markets which are unprotected. They are not forced to buy Proton. So why choose an unappealing car?

Proton has plans to invest another RM 5 billion into the automotive industry in the next few years. Let’s hope part of that investment would be accelerated R&D facilities so they can roll out updated models quicker than the current pace. With faster development facilities, Proton would be able to respond to market tastes much quicker. This is important in scoring a winner.