Sorry for the hiatus.

I have been busy with my car. My Proton Satria 1.6 went through a ‘heart surgery’ after overheating problems screwed up the engine head. Something happened to the radiator fan while the car was running in a parking lot. The radiator fan did not spin, so the engine overheated. Ever since, the engine had been burning up lubricant and the radiator wasn’t doing it’s job. Top gasket gone case.

I had it’s 4G92P block and head replaced with a 4G93 single cam. It was a pretty cheap conversion, less than RM2000. The 4G93 SOHC makes much less horsepower than the 4G93 DOHC found in the Putra and Satria GTi but it’s torque was nearly the same, and comes in at a much lower RPM, common trait for a single cam engine. I figured that would be better for the traffic jam and city driving that I always go through, plus it was much cheaper as the engine was not really in demand.

I re-used my 1.6 injectors and ECU in the beginning but discovered the air fuel ratio was too lean. Not enough fuel getting into the combustion chamber so it was knocking whenever I pushed the accelerator pedal more than quarter depth.

Had the 1.6 injectors which were 180cc swapped with 1.8 SOHC injectors which are 210cc. Seems the 4G91 DOHC which is a 1.5 engine and the 4G93 SOHC has the same size 210cc injectors. I heard the 4G93 DOHC uses 240cc injectors.

It was a bit better but knocking was still present. I’m currently deciding whether to go for an ECU rechip flashed to 4G93 SOHC fuel mapping or go for a piggyback engine management solution.