The Edge reports HLG Research expects non-national cars to make up 50% of car sales on the overall by 2007, and 47% by next year.

HLG expects industry volume for both passenger and commercial vehicles to reach 562,380 units in 2007.

HLG recommends UMW shares for investment in the auto industry, with a price target of RM6.89. Reasons given include NAP incentives and Perodua’s involvement in assembling Toyota vehicles.

As for Proton, HLG maintains it’s buy status, in view of a potential alliance with Volkswagen AG which will improve economies of scale and efficiency through technology transfer, as well as better sentiments that the Volkswagen brand will give.

HLG has a hold status on Tan Chong shares, due to sales for the successful Frontier and X-Trail models that might be affected if prices go up because of 4WD and MPV segment tax hikes. Passanger cars should be safe so far, as the margins would be able to absorb the tax hikes.