Lotus has finally announced the Lotus Europa S, after spyshots of it being seen around Europe and in Malaysia being test driven along Proton models like the Savvy and the SRM. Alot of speculation has been going on about the name of the new car as well as whether Proton will be offering a re-badge of it.

The Lotus Europa is a 2 seater coupe positioned above the Elise and Exige. The theme for the car is ‘business class’. Much more sophisticated and the lines are smoother and understated rather than the bold sporty styling of the Elise.

The Lotus Europa is only 995kg of course with it being a Lotus. Weight reduction! The car is a mid-engine, and features a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine producing 200 hp at 5400rpm and 263 Nm torque at 4200rpm. 90% of the maximum torque is available from only 2000rpm so acceleration from low engine speeds is great. 0-100km/h takes 5.5 seconds and top speed is 225km/h.

The Lotus Europa S will start production in Lotus’ Manufacturing Facility in Hethel, Norfolk in the UK.

Will Proton rebadge this? No indication yet!

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