Fuel-Wallet GaugeI got a news flash from The Star’s SMS alert regarding a petrol price hike effective from Tuesday onwards, which is tomorrow. The journey home was pretty jam packed, with queues at every petrol station over-pouring onto the main roads. The price increase is 30 cents per litre for both petrol and diesel as well as 30 cents per kilogram for LPG.

Petrol prices are now RM1.92 per litre for RON97 petrol and RM1.88 for RON92. Diesel is RM1.58 per litre now. The more premium RON97 petrol Shell V-Power is a ridiculous RM2.02 a litre now.

Fuel prices last went up on the 31st July 2005, where it was a slight increase of 10 cents for petrol and 20 cents for diesel. The prices right now are much closer to the unsubsidised price.

The 64 litre fuel tank in my car would cost me RM122.88 to fill up now. With about 6-8 fill-ups a month… I’ve pretty much dug my own grave, jumped in it, and sealed it all up with cement and built a crypt in the shape of a petrol station around it. Millions of years later I would have turned into oil and you can pump me into your vehicles. Kthxbai.