Perodua aims to increase it’s automotive market share to 27 percent from the 25.3 percent it achieved in 2005. The latest Perodua Myvi waiting list statistics – 90,000 bookings so far, 45,000 delivered and 45,000 still on the waiting list, with 4000-5000 bookings piling up every month.

Perodua aims to produce 70,000 Myvis this year, with faster production of 7000 a month from now until July in hopes to clear off the backlog of frustrated customers who booked their Perodua Myvi and are still waiting for delivery. Many view smaller engines like the ones in Perodua cars as a way to save on fuel, especially for those who have no choice and cannot resort to motorcycles and scooters. While this is not always true, it is the public’s general perception.

BTW, I heard MAS needs RM4 billion to stay afloat. It will raise RM2 billion by itself and ask the government for the other RM2 billion. What good timing for the government to save RM4.4 billion in fuel subsidies. (Source: AP) Another good read is “Petrol price hikes: Time to invest heavily in public transport” by Aliran.

P.S.: You know who you are – go book your Myvi now!