logo_honda.jpgHonda has announced new prices for four of it’s most popular models, the Honda City, Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Honda Jazz. These prices took effect on 23rd March 2006. The following are the new prices for the four models. All models below are CKD except for the Honda Jazz, where the i-DSI is a Thailand CBU while the VTEC model is a CBU from Japan. Basically CKD models are cheaper now, while the CBU models have gone up abit. But then again, the Honda Jazz is classified as an MPV anyway and even CKD MPVs prices are expected to go up. New prices for the Accord 3.0 V6 CBU, CR-V, Odyssey, Stream iV and Stream I-VS will be announced later.

Model Old Price New Price Difference
Honda City 1.5 i-DSI RM84,300 RM79,000 (RM5,300)
Honda City 1.5 VTEC RM89,300 RM84,800 (RM4,500)
Honda Civic 1.8S RM117,800 RM113,800 (RM4,000)
Honda Civic 2.0S RM131,800 RM124,800 (RM7,000)
Honda Accord VTI 2.0 RM144,800 RM135,800 (RM9,000)
Honda Accord VTi-L 2.4 RM168,800 RM154,800 (RM14,000)
Honda Jazz 1.5 i-DSi RM93,888 RM94,800 RM912
Honda Jazz 1.5 VTEC RM101,888 RM102,800 RM912