small_yaris.jpgWe all know the Toyota Yaris is coming soon to our shores. There have been sightings of the little hatchback on trailers being delivered somewhere, and UMW Toyota has even registered the domain name But what’s important is how much will it cost?

I had a look at the CBU gazetted price list released by the Customs a while ago and decided to try calculating the price of a Toyota Yaris with Malaysia’s awesome best in the world ever taxes slapped on.

Toyota Yaris – RM41,000
+ import duty (RM2,050) = RM43,050
+ excise duty (RM32,287.50) = RM75,337.50
+ sales tax (RM7,533.75) = RM82,871.25

Toyota Yaris High-grade – RM42,500
+ import duty (RM2,125) = RM44,625
+ excise duty (RM33,468.75) = RM78,093.75
+ sales tax (RM7,809.38) = RM85,903.13

I’ve done the calculations assuming the Toyota Yaris will be a CBU from Thailand, not Japan. Of course, this does not include whatever profit UMW Toyota has to make from the sale of the car. So, how much do you think UMW Toyota will sell it for? And do you think our Toyota Yaris will have a Super-CVT transmission?

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