Daihatsu has released a new variant of the Daihatsu Boon called the Daihatsu Boon X4. It reminds me of the old Daihatsu Charade GTTI. The Daihatsu Boon X4 looks like a great basis for a rally car, if you could somehow get around it’s slightly high center of gravity. Let’s have a look at the specifications.


The Daihatsu Boon X4 is powered by a turbocharged intercooled 936cc engine instead of the 1.3 litre intercooler turbo K3-VET Daihatsu YRV engine. This engine is called the KJ-VET, which is a 1.0 litre DOHC 4-cylinder engine making 133hp at 7200rpm and 133Nm of torque at 3600rpm. Very nice and not too over the top power figures for a car that size and weight, and it’s linked to a 5-speed manual transmission. It also comes with full-time 4WD. Daihatsu gave the Daihatsu Boon X4 a bonnet air scoop to feed cool air to it’s top-mounted intercooler.

This engine swap should be pretty popular if you have the dough for the Perodua Myvi or other Perodua vehicles who want to go the turbocharged way if you have enough money. Although the 1.3 litre K3-VET has abit more power at 140hp, it only comes with an automatic transmission with sequential shift options. Manual versions are very hard to find, if it even exists at all. The 1.0 litre KJ-VET halfcuts has slightly less power but it makes up for it with the availability of a manual transmission.