Before this, there were rumours about Proton’s collaboration with Chery Automobiles Co Ltd and Jinhua Youngman Automobile Group Co Ltd, both Chinese automotive companies. Today, we find out that Proton is actually collaborating with both companies as strategic partners.

Proton signed a pact yesterday with Chery and it’s Malaysian distributor Alado Corp Sdn Bhd to do a feasibility study that will last until 28th August 2006 on the assembly and distribution of Chery vehicles here, as well as the assembly and distribution of Proton vehicles in China.

Proton’s collaboration with Jinhua Youngman is of a different type. Jinhua wants to sell CKD vehicles in China. Associated Press reports that this partnership is actually between Jinhua Youngman and Proton’s child company Lotus Engineering, and will involve jointly designing, developing selling completely knocked down (CKD) vehicles in China. This feasibility study will last 120 days starting yesterday.

Proton targets 100,000 cars for the export market by 2008. Partnerships with Chinese and Indian companies will allow it access to more markets and hopefully help it achieve it’s 100,000 cars target.

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