The boys at Cybernation Motorsports (an American company) have developed a forced induction kit for the 2006 Honda Civic Si. The 2006 Honda Civic Si is basically a USDM version Honda Civic with a K20Z3 engine instead of the K20A3 and R18A1 we get here in Malaysia. The K20Z3 is a high-compression, high-revving version of the K20 engine family equipped with the a performance i-VTEC system, unlike the K20A3’s i-VTEC cam setup which is tuned more towards economy. Some enthusiasts have argued that the economy-oriented i-VTEC cam setup should be called i-VTEC-E instead.

In stock form the 2006 Honda Civic Si’s K20Z3 engine makes 197hp at 7,800rpm and 189Nm of torque at 6,200rpm. It had a redline of 8,300rpm. Cybernation Motorsports have added a plug and play forced induction kit using a Turbonetics turbocharger and an intercooler to the setup. Of course, there are other components in the kit necessary to turbocharge an engine designer for normally aspirated like a standalone injection controller. Boost is set at 0.75 bar or 11psi. Currently there’s no dyno figures yet, but the car sure looks and sounds good.