Race Rally Research has unveiled their Proton Waja and Proton GEN.2 Merdeka Millenium Endurance Edition, to commemorate their 2005 victory in the Merdeka Millenium Endurance race.

The MME is a 12-hour endurance race, and Proton’s R3 Amprex team emerged victorious as Overall champions and Class O champions completing 279 laps in a specially-built Lotus Exige 300RR.


The Proton Waja MME Edition comes in one colour – Deep Burgundy – and comes with a 5-piece bodykit. Other than the usual bumper, grille, skirts and rear apron fittings, you also get R3 Dark Titanium headlamps. The Proton Waja MME Edition also gets Xenon HID headlamps, the first on a national production car. The Proton GEN.2 MME Edition has the new headlamps but not the HID lights. Performance upgrades include an R3 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System for the Campro engine to exhale more freely. The exhaust system comes with a stylish oval tip. R3 Performance Spark Plug Cables give your spark plugs extra juice to fire.

As usual, R3’s performance upgrades are all dyno proven and not just for show. The JPJ-certified, EURO 2 compliant exhaust system optimally an 8bhp increase to engine horsepower, while the spark plugs provide 3bhp. This should mean a total 12bhp increase over the stock Campro 1.6, which brings it up to 122bhp, but R3 has rated the Waja MME and GEN.2 MME at 118bhp.

The car also comes with a new set of 7-spoke wheels with 16 inch size, and these are wrapped with grilly Continental SportContact-1 tyres, similiar to the ones found on the Proton Satria Neo 1.6 litre. Peer into the space behind the wheel spokes and you will find the car has been fitted with R3 Performance Slotted Brake Discs.

As for handling, both the Waja MME and the GEN.2 MME also comes with a performance spring kit, lowering the car by 25mm on average. There is also a front strut bar made from aluminium, helping with suspension strut deflection. Other than the strut bar and the spark plugs, the other addition to the engine bay is purely aesthetic – an alloy CamPro engine cover that comes finished in red.

Interior aesthetics are enhanced with a red R3 gearknob and R3 floor mats. The sound system comes with Bluetooth and iPod support. If you’re thinking you don’t need iPod support because you don’t have an iPod, you’ll be delighted to find the car also comes with an iPod Nano 1GB ready to be connected to the car audio system.

Both the Proton Waja MME and Proton GEN.2 MME comes in manual transmission only, and the Proton Waja MME 1.6 manual costs RM66,671.03 while the Proton GEN.2 MME 1.6 manual costs RM59,789.81. Only 200 units of each car available, and each car will have a serial number due to it’s limited edition run.