Okay, so we’ve looked at LMG’s pick-up truck offering, now let’s look at it’s other newly launched vehicle, the LMG Tourer. The LMG Tourer is a 7 seater SUV, likely based on the same chassis as the LMG Trekker – a single ladder frame that spawns both a pick up and an SUV have been pretty popular with car manufacturers lately to save costs.


The specifications for the LMG Tourer is pretty much similiar to the LMG Trekker, down to the creamish-base interior look. The LMG Tourer is lighter than the LMG Trekker, weighing in at 2,285kg compared to the Trekker’s 2,386kg. The engine is also the same 2.4 litre inline-4 SOHC unit making 124 horsepower at 5,250rpm and 190Nm of torque at 3,000rpm, equipped with the Hydroxene system as well.

Features include leather seats, dual airbags, CD player, and ABS. Suspension is the same as the Trekker – double cross arm torsion bar spring at the front, and variable rigidity assymetric leaf spring at the rear. Brakes are discs at the front and drums at the rear. Wheels are 15 inch alloys wrapped with 215/70/R15 at the front and 225/75/R15 at the rear. I pretty much copied and pasted this entire paragraph from my previous Trekker post! ;)

Like the Trekker, it is only available in 5 speed manual transmission for now, which could limit it’s feasibility as a 7-seater family SUV, since a people mover application would definitely favour an automatic transmission. The 4 speed auto should be around in 2 months time. For now, the 5-speed manual LMG Tourer can be had for RM58,888.