Information Gateway Corp Sdn Bhd (IGC) and Geely will start assembling Geely cars in a plant near Kuantan in October 2006, beginning with the Geely CK sedan. This will make Malaysia the first country outside China where Geely cars will be assembled. Malaysia will be used as a base for Geely to tap the regional market.

IGC will be handling assembly, marketing and distribution of the Geely cars. Geely does not have any stake in the set-up, and are only supplying technology know-how and key auto parts like the bodies, engines and gearboxes – basically a CKD pack.

The Geely CK is powered by a 94hp 1.5 litre Toyota engine. The chassis was developed by Geely engineers together with Daewoo. Geely recently began mass production of it’s own 1.8 litre aluminium block engine with continuously variable valve timing technology that produces 140 horsepower. 50,000 units a year will be built in Geely’s Ningbo plant in the Zhejiang Province. The engine will make it’s debut in the Geely FC-1 sedan. Developing own engines is important for Chinese manufacturers, as most of them use third party engines, usually old Toyota and Mitsubishi designs.