More Volvo tuning goodness for you! This is Heico‘s Volvo C70 II, one of the two Volvo C70 convertibles that Heico has kitted up. The Heico kit is a full tune-up kit, not just interior and exterior enhancements but also performance enhancements that affect the engine, suspension and brakes.

There are a few performance parts which you can opt to install from Heico. Let me break down the options one by one. Engine upgrades include a Heico Sportiv ECU upgrade T5 which boosts power from 220hp to 250hp and torque from 320Nm to 360Nm. 0-100km/h acceleration goes from 7.6 seconds to 7.2 seconds.

Other upgrades include performance air filters, and a special Heico LSD differential. Exhaust system upgrades come in either twin tailpipe or 4 tailpipe versions. Sports springs are available for suspension upgrades. Brakes can be upgraded to 4-piston caliper brakes. There are a few wheel choices available, but in this photo set the car adorns Heico Sportiv Volution V wheels. Don’t ask me why it’s spelled Volution instead of Evolution.

As for exterior bodykits, you have front lips and a special cornering light upgrade. This cornering light upgrade swivels your fog lamps to the left or right when you are making a turn. Then of course, to get the full Heico experience on the inside, you have Heico gear knobs, hand brake handles, aluminium foot pedals and leather interior trim.

Two more photos and ECU upgrade power/torque curve after the jump.



Heico Sportiv ECU Upgrade T5 torque and power comparison