New Car Net did an interesting experiment – they conducted a survey on their website, allowing the public to vote for what they wanted in a car. Different elements were available – overall car silhouette, wheel design, front end, back end, engine, seats, doors – and guess what the UK buyer’s dream car is?

A four-door coupe with the front end of a Porsche Boxster, the roofline of the Jaguar XK, stretched to allow it to be a 5-seater, and has a medium sized engine, no big supercar engine, but no Tamiya motor either. Not suprisingly, diesel power had the edge of petrol as the fuel of choice.

Know what. Looks pretty much like a Porsche Panamera to me, or at least what I imagine the car would look like. This means the Panamera would like be another runaway success similiar to the Cayenne.