Volkswagen’s Neeza concept car is a concept car for the Chinese market – looking somewhat like a coupe and station wagon crossover, it was designed with the tastes of Chinese customers in mind. At first glance, it looks like a stretched Touareg – well, that would make it an Audi Q7 actually – equipped with a more concept-like futuristic front and rear end, as well as back-hinged rear doors for easier access to the interior.

The name Neeza is based on a character in Chinese folklore – Ne-Zha. Ne-Zha was a young boy who fought evil spirits with magical spirits, and had incomparible willpower and a youthful and anticipatory spirit. The red band in the interior is a reference to the red silk scarf that Ne-Zha wore.

Volkswagen says the Volkswagen Neeza concept was design based on Chinese cultural motifs – the philosophy of “round heavens and the rectangular earth.” Uh, whatever that means.

More photos including a cartoon depiction of Ne-Zha after the jump.