Press photos of the new sexy Audi A5 Coupe have been leaked way ahead of its official unveiling to the public at the 2007 Geneva International Motor Show. We’ve seen a photo of the top of the coupe previously in an Audi teaser microsite – these press phtoos have revealed that it is a 2-door coupe as expected. A classic coupe body. The Audi A5 is the coupe equivalent to the Audi A4, putting it against the likes of the E92 BMW 3 Coupe and any possible future 2-door Mercedes Benz C-Class equivalent, if any.

There is alot of Audi TT design elements in it, it’s very modern Audi. We’ve seen too many of the modern Audi design language lately with the flurry of newly launched cars – the TT and the R8, so some might find this abit less radical than they’d expect, since we’re used to outrageous designs from all car manufacturers these days thanks to the trend set by Mr. Chris Bangle. It’s alot less angular than the Audi Nuvolari Concept though, and there’s an Aston Martin-like curve to the shoulderline of the car. There’s also that really lovely Audi interior, which is available for viewing after the jump.

Notice that the Audi A5 departs from the usual long front overhang look of modern Audis, instead having a short overhang and a longer are between the tyres and the B pillar instead – this is because of Audi’s new flexible MLP platform. Click here for more details on MLP (Modular Platform for longtitudinally mounted engines).

The badge on the rear says TDI, so perhaps the flagship model for this new Audi A5 Coupe shall be a turbodiesel, shows that Audi takes it’s turbodiesel very seriously. The Audi A5 is expected to debut with a 3.0 litre TDI V6 turbodiesel. Photos of the Audi S5 have also been leaked, a performance top of the line version of the Audi A5 – but most likely an even more powerful performance-oriented Audi RS5 is in the works.