Infiniti has updated their G Coupe with a new engine. Some might recognise this car as the Nissan Skyline V35, which carries the legend’s moniker but hardly any of it’s spirit. For one, the potent RB blown inline-6 is gone. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at Infiniti’s new luxury sports coupe.

The new Infiniti G37 is the world’s first application of Nissan/Infiniti’s new VQ37VHR engine, basically a stroked VQ35 with a new head and intake design as well as a higher compression ratio. It now makes 330 horsepower and 366Nm of torque, yet is expected to consume less fuel than the VQ35 on EPA’s fuel economy ratings. Why is that so?

Nissan has equipped with VQ37VHR with a variable valve timing and lift system called VVEL, or Variable Valve Event and Lift. It works similiar to technologies like BMW’s Valvetronic and Honda’s SOHC i-VTEC. VVEL removes the need for a throttle butterfly, improving the torque curve and fuel consumption at both the top and low ranges of the rev range. Nissan says VVEL has 32% quicker response, is 20% smaller and uses 52% less parts than BMW’s Valvetronic.

In the Infiniti G37, the VQ37VHR is mated either to a 6-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic, and will have a limited slip differential. The Infiniti G37 also has four wheel steering. Wheels are massive 18 inch units that hide the largest rotors in the segment behind it’s multi-spoke: 14 inch discs at the front and 13.8 inch discs at the rear, with four piston and two piston calipers respectively.

A convertible version of the G37 is also rumoured to be coming in 2008. More photos after the jump.