BMW’s 5-Series Facelift model line-up for the US market will be slightly different than the European line-up previously announced when the 5-Series Facelift was unveiled. In the US, the 2008 BMW 5-Series will come in 528i and 535i forms, an upgrade from the previous 525i and 530i models.

The 2008 BMW 528i features a slightly detuned 3.0 litre inline-6 found in the previous generation 530i, now making 230 horsepower at 6,500rpm. The 2008 BMW 535i features none other than BMW’s award-winning 3.0 litre twin-turbo direct injection engine, making 300 horsepower at 5,800rpm and 406Nm of torque between 1,400rpm to 5,000rpm. The top of the range is the BMW 550i, which uses the same 4.8 litre V8 as it’s predecessor, however the engine now makes 360 horsepower and 488 Nm of torque, up from 350 hp and 475Nm.

BMW’s new fast shifting and locking 6-speed transmission Sport Automatic Transmission that made it’s debut in the E92 BMW 335i Coupe will also be an option for either the BMW 535i and the BMW 550i.

Check out my previous post on the BMW 5-Series facelift for more details on the new facelifted car. For the moment, it’s not known when this new facelifted BMW 5-Series will arrive on Malaysian shores as the bulk of our 5-Series sales are CKD units, so the production lines must be readied.