toyotalogo.gifToyota’s Q1 2007 global sales topped General Motors for the first time ever, despite GM’s leading position in markets like China. It also overtook GM in terms of profitability for te past 4 years, earning US$11.8 billion for the financial year ending March 2006.

“Our goal has never been to sell the most cars in the world. We simply want to be the best in quality. After that, sales will take care of themselves,” said Paul Nolasco, a spokesperson for Toyota in the US.

Toyota intends to capture 15% of the global car market by 2010, and this latest milestone indicates a positive advancement towards that goal.

Finally, the actual figures involved: GM sold 2.26 million cars during the Q1 2007 period, while Toyota topped that figure by 88,000 units (how auspicious), selling 2.348 million cars. GM still has a chance to overtake Toyota to get the number 1 position for the financial year though, as Asian sales had a 32% growth over the previous year period, plus it is entering the Indian market soon with a local plant.