There has been no word yet from Volkswagen on the potential tie-up with Proton, says Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop. “Not yet. I will let you know one day … just give us a little time. We will resolve it,” he said.

As for General Motors, who have also been in talks with Proton, spokesperson Rob Leggat said GM is still interested in Proton and tie-up talks continue at preliminary stages. If Proton ends up having a tie-up with GM, you can be sure that we will see the re-entry of DRB-HICOM as a Proton stakeholder, as GM’s local partner in Malaysia is DRB-HICOM, who sells the group’s Chevrolet and (ex-)Suzuki brands. Suzukis was once controlled by GM, but GM has since divested in the Japanese automaker since 2006.