Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd demonstrated the fuel efficiency of their Honda City i-DSI last weekend, in an event they called the F.E.A.T., or the Fuel Efficiency Automobile Test. And a feat it was, because the results were very impressive indeed.

Sixteen participants took part in the challenge which required participants to only adhere to an average highway speed limit of 80km/hour while retaining other the attributes of an everyday-sedan such as having the air-conditioning switched on during the drive, and luggage and spare tyre in the cargo area.

The challenge took them from Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Petaling Jaya to Cameron Highlands situated 5440ft above sea level, and to Bukit Merah. After a night’s rest, the journey back to Honda’s headquarters resumed. Conditions were set as if it was a vacation trip with friends or family. Each Honda City had four occupants besides a car boot full of typical items like vacation luggage.

The whole route stretched more than 660km, but the aim was to complete it using less than one full tank of a Honda City’s petrol tank, which was 42 litres, or RM80.64. AAM officials were present to measure the fuel level before and after the journey.

The result? The few teams got different levels of fuel consumption according to individual driving style, but all managed to complete the 660km journey using only the petrol in the fuel tank. The winning team comprising of Jimmy Ng, 27; Eric Goh, 29; Sim Chee Kun, 30 and Edwin Ng, 28 – they managed 662.5km on only 25.29 litres of petrol! That’s slightly more than half a fuel tank, or 26.2km per litre of fuel! Most of the journey to the destination involves the use of highways, but going to Cameron Highlands involves alot of uphill roads as well. They took back RM4,000 worth of prizes comprising Honda watches, RM1,000 worth of petrol vouchers, Honda Racing umbrellas and caps.

Much more than just a gimmick or a publicity stunt, this is the real deal. I am impressed that Honda is confident enough with it’s i-DSI technology to attempt this challenge with real world situations where the results actually matters. No one goes around driving with the windows winded up and air conditioning off at the same time, etc as with alot of the fuel mileage challenges out there.

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