Scion xP

Toyota is considering adding a small monocoque two-door pick-up truck (think Proton Arena) to the Scion car line-up, which should fit right in to the whole youth and lifestyle angle of the Scion marque. Rumours are that a likely name for this new vehicle would be the Scion xP, with the P naturally standing for Pick-Up.

Scion currently has three cars in it’s line-up – the xB and xD 5-door hatches and the tC 2-door coupe. The new Scion xP’s styling could be based on the previously exhibited Scion FUSE concept shown above, which is something like a 2-door pick-up, except the truck bed is a large boot integrated into the coupe-hatch-like design. Translated into a real world production version, a traditional pick-up bed might be used instead.