small_lotus_logo.jpgLotus Engineering and Siemens VDO will be jointly exhibiting a new 1.5 litre 3-cylinder force inducted hybrid engine at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show which should be starting any time now. The new engine combines parts from both Lotus and Siemens VDO’s parts bin, including Lotus Engineering’s previously revealed integrated exhaust manifold, a Lotus cam profile switching system, centrally-mounted Siemens VDO gasoline injectors and a new Siemens VDO high pressure fuel pump.

The two companies call the new engine the Low CO2 engine – no prizes for guessing why so. Lotus and Siemens VDO intends to reduce emissions but deliver an engaging driving experience at the same time, all using affordable, modular technologies which can easily be used to deploy a set of powertrains with low mass packages.

“It is very appropriate that some of the key features of this Low CO2 project will be on display at one of the world’s foremost automotive exhibitions. I am delighted that we are working with Siemens VDO on this very special project. Both Lotus Engineering and Siemens VDO are recognised as world experts in cutting-edge powertrain technologies and I look forward in the coming months to sharing with you the results of this incredible combination of complementary skills and technological leadership. This project is a prime example of how Lotus Engineering’s research activities, often in conjunction with globally recognised partners, are contributing to bringing to fruition a number of efficient powertrain and automotive advanced technology solutions for the future,” says Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc.

“The cooperation with our partner, Lotus Engineering, shows once again, that there is still a lot of potential for further innovation and development within the internal combustion engine. The combination of direct injection and turbo charging means noticeably better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions for the Gasoline engine, without compromising driving fun. With our advanced expertise in low CO2 know-how we see clear benefits for our customers and will further strengthen and improve our role as systems integration experts,” added Dr. Klaus Egger, Siemens VDO Group VP.

More details on this new engine to come soon as details are unveiled at Frankfurt. A demonstrator vehicle with the new 1.5 litre 3-cylinder engine will be shown to the public towards the end of 2007.

Most of you may remember the Lotus NEF engine introduced in early 2006 with the Lotus APX Concept. The Lotus NEF engine is a 3.0 litre V6, so this 1.5 litre inline-3 could just be half of an NEF. The NEF was supercharged, which leads me to believe this new engine’s method of forced induction will most likely be a supercharger as well since the integrated exhaust manifold makes no mention of a turbo manifold.

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