The UK’s Automobile Association is calling for the introduction of speed cameras that detect average speeds in residential areas to replace speed bumps.

“Humps are a crude, uncomfortable and noisy way of slowing people down and this research has shown they are also environmentally damaging. We accept that traffic speed needs to be controlled in residential areas where there is a problem with accidents and children are playing. We think motorists are more likely to accept average speed cameras than humps,” says Edmung King, the AA’s president.

According to the AA, a car that achieves 20.58km per litre travelling at a steady 48km/h will deliver only 11km per litre when going over humps. An independent engineer who used a fuel flow meter to test the fuel consumption of a small car and a medium-sized car at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

My housing area has an insane amount of illegal speed bumps and they do nothing more than damage vehicles and give drivers nasty jolts. The roads in Cheras remain some of the worse I’ve seen and they wear out car suspensions prematurely.

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