Illegal road racers and Mat Rempits may face three strokes of rotan under proposed amendments to the Road Transport Act of 1987, according to Federal Traffic chief Senior Asst Comm II Datuk Hamza Taib. This is definitely the kind of headline we would like to be reading rather than ridiculous and insulting headlines of the past like the rebranding of Mat Rempits to “Mat Cemerlang”.

We are also seeing some actual enforcement of existing rules against Mat Rempits, but the reported cases seem to be far too rare and far too few in compared to how happily the Rempits are still organising illegal races a weekly or even more frequent basis.

On the 16th of April 2008, a Mat Rempit from Kuantan was sentenced 2 years jail and a RM6,000 fine for pulling off a classic Mat Rempit “Superman” stunt. He also had his license suspended for 2 years. Two days later on the 18th of April, another Mat Rempit from Kuantan was sentenced 20 months jail and a RM5,000 fine for beating 3 traffic lights, making an illegal U-turn and riding his motorcycle against the traffic flow. In both cases, the sentences were for crimes committed 2 years ago.

In late March 2008, three Mat Rempits were arrested, out of a total of 20 Mat Rempits who were performing reckless dangerous stunts in the vicinity of Persiaran Masjid, Shah Alam. 28 motorcycles were siezed and 70 summonses were issued, but why only 3 out of 20 arrested?

Malaysiakini reports that a man was hospitalised in February this year after he was assaulted by 200 Mat Rempits in Bandar Tun Razak. It’s a good thing there is a hospital (HUKM) in Bandar Tun Razak, or else the man would have died. He had to undergo a major surgery to stop the bleeding in his head, after being hit by a helmet.

The man had accidentally hit a youth on a bike with his car, and got out to help the youth. The youth’s father who was nearby rushed to the scene and attacked him, and was joined by the youth himself and many others. Watch the video below:

VIDEO: Malaysiakini Interview

Many, many years ago, I have personally encountered such a situation somewhere in Pekan Hulu Langat. A friend of mine had accidentally hit a Mat Rempit who raced through the mist out of nowhere, and when we stopped to help, a huge crowd of aggressive Rempits appeared out of nowhere. It was a good thing that we managed to talk ourselves out of the situation, otherwise this blog would not exist.

Last but not least… in The Star’s reader’s SMS section on Saturday: “MAT Rempit throw rocks at cars passing by Tmn Midah Cheras after midnite. Where r d polis? How 2 punish if u don’t catch dem?”

Mat Rempits should be taken off the streets for endangering the lives of motorists and the general public. Everyone knows that stricter laws are completely useless if there is no enforcement!