Gas Prices

According to Berita Minggu, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Dato’ Shahrir Samad says Malaysians may soon have to present their identity cards at petrol stations before being able to fill up their fuel tanks with subsidised petrol. Everyone else would have to pay an unsubsidised market price for petrol.

One way of implementing this could be enabling the credit card readers at kiosks to verify that a valid MyKad has been inserted into the reader as all of the readers have been updated to accept and read chip-based cards some time ago, but this could be prone to abuse. The other way would be having manual verification by petrol kiosk attendants, though this would be a slight annoyance to motorists wanting to refuel quickly and go, but it would be a small price to pay to get subsidised prices.

In another report, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir claimed that at the current rate Malaysia would not be able to afford any form of petrol subsidy by 2014.