BMW LogoBMW has confirmed that the BMW X1 will be produced at its Leipzig plant in Germany, though an expected product launch is not finalized yet. Producing the X1 at that plant makes sense as the plant makes the 3-Series and 1-Series, and since the X1 is based largely on the 1-Series with some components from the 3-Series, component logistics would be easier.

The availability of a compact all-wheel drive system for the BMW X1 will also likely result in the BMW 1-Series gaining the option for all-wheel drive sometime in the future, which would be useful to help reign in the BMW 135i’s horsepower and torque.

It is also quite possible for the upcoming MINI Crossman (MINI SUV, name still unconfirmed) to be based on this BMW X1. If this happens, the X1 might be one of the first BMWs to debut with a longitudinally installed version of the BMW-PSA 1.6 litre engine, which is firmly in the company’s future plans as announced earlier by BMW.