Alpine White BMW M3 Front
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BMW M GmbH, the German automaker’s revered M division celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Coincidentally it also delivered its 300,000th M car to a customer this month, an alpine white BMW M3 Coupe (much like the car above), which it handed over to its owner at the BMW M plant in Regensburg, East Bavaria.

The BMW M division began in 1978, an evolution of BMW Motorsport GmbH which was established six years before that. The first M car was the BMW M1 (find out all about it here). The M1 was recently commemorated with the BMW M1 Hommage Concept. The current BMW M line-up consists of the M3 Sedan, M3 Coupe, M5 Sedan, M5 Touring, M6 Coupe, M6 Convertible, Z4 M Coupe and Z4 M Roadster.

M cars are also popular in Malaysia. “Since we began operations in 2003, the sales of M cars have been growing significantly on an annual basis. 2007 was our best year ever and we achieved a sales growth of 189% from the previous year. With the recent local release of the new M3 Coupe and M3 Sedan, we expect another good year for the M cars. In fact compared to the same period last year, we grew by 50%,” said BMW Group Malaysias Corporate Affairs Manager, Vijayaratnam Tharumartnam.

The following is a list of BMW M car prices in Malaysia OTR without insurance:

BMW M3 Sedan – RM713,800.00
BMW M3 Coupe – RM728,800.00
BMW M5 Sedan – RM898,000.00
BMW M6 Coupe – RM938,000.00
BMW Z4 M Coupe – RM539,800.00

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Alpine White BMW M3 Rear
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VIDEO: BMW M3 Promotional Video featuring M3 Coupe in Alpine White