The facelifted E90 and E91 BMW 3-Series will be unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show this month, but as a pre-show teaser BMW has released a set of photos showing both the E90 sedan and the E91 touring wagon. More details and photos after the jump.

On the rear the E90 3-Series sedan gets new tail lamps which are the classic L-shaped instead of butterfly wing shaped. They also lose nearly all their crystal elements and are almost fully red in colour. The brake lamps light up with LEDs now. The trunk lid is now shapelier. Those twin exhausts you see are probably for the 335i model only, which is the model depicted in the photos.

Not much changes at the side except for redesigned wing mirrors.

Up front you get reworked kidney grilles, while still not as nice as the one on the M3 Sedan and the 3-Series Coupe range, this one has the little chrome bit at the top removed and looks like it came from the E60 5-Series. The front bumper and engine hood has also been redesigned.

A closer look at the redesigned lenses for the tail lamps.