Nissan Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Nissan has developed a parallel-powertrain hybrid system which connects an electric motor to the engine and transmission via two separate clutches. It basically sits between the engine and the transmission. This also eliminates the need for a conventional torque converter. Nissan used a rear wheel drive Infiniti G-Sedan equipped with this system as a Nissan Hybrid Electric Vehicle demonstrator.

The parallel-powertrain hybrid has 4 modes:

  • Idle-stop:The electric motor is powered by lithium ion batteries to save on fuel.
  • Normal driving:The engine powers the electric motor as well as charges the battery.
  • Acceleration:Both the engine and lithium ion batteries power the motor.
  • Deceleration:Brake energy regeneration.

The lithium ion batteries that power this system are sourced from AESC, a joint venture between Nissan and NEC. Look after the jump for a photo of the battery pack and two videos of the Nissan Hybrid Electric Vehicle.