Golf Mk6
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Now that we’ve seen what the base Mark 6 Golf will look like, I’m sure alot of people are waiting in anticipation for signs of the next generation iconic Golf GTI. According to Autocar, sources inside Volkswagen have revealed that the Mark 6 Golf GTI will get the new 211 PS Valvelift EA888 engine found in the Audi A4 and A5.

The EA888 engine with a timing chain is already found in some of the new Mark 5 GTIs, but lacks the Valvelift variable valve lift system. 211 PS may not seem a big deal of an increase as compared to the Mk5’s 200 PS, but torque has increased substantially from 280Nm to 350Nm of torque in the new Valvelift engine.

Styling wise, the new GTI will appear sportier and more low-slung thanks to the existing qualities of the model it is based on. Bumpers on the front and rear will be unique to the GTI, and its headlamps will receive some form of daytime LED running lights. Standard alloys will be 18 inch with the option for 19 inchers, an inch up from the Mark 5 GTI.

The source also reveals that the Mark 6 will lose the R32 but gain a more powerful tuned up version of the GTI with 4MOTION to replace it. The EA888 in the “R” GTI will be tuned to produce 272 PS and above, similiar to the European spec Audi TTS. This is supposedly because the VR6 engine in the R32 will no longer be feasible with upcoming EU emissions legislations.