Honda Cub

The Honda Super Cub has been around for 50 years now with more than 60 millions of the motorcycle on the road worldwide. The Super Cub had a convenient automatic centrifugal clutch and a four stroke economical and clean engine even back in 1957.

When R&D was done, the motorcycle was so revolutionary at that time that Honda targetted sales of 30,000 units a month at a time where the total sales for motorcycles a month in Japan was 40,000 units. Today it is still very much relevant in the current economic situation with, close to 5 million units produced annually.

What’s next for the Honda Super Cub? Honda has produced a new global advertisement for the Super Cub and if whatever they are saying in the ad is true, they are determined to make a product that will open roads to a much larger success compared to the Super Cub.

Could this be an electric equivalent of the Honda Super Cub? It could be, as the commercial video shows two people riding what seems to be a bike… but the background is silent, as if the bike runs on a quiet motor.