Drive Every Drop

Honda has an interesting website up – Drive Every Drop. It’s essentially an online travel show which showcases places to go to in the Asia-Oceania region such as India, Malaysia and Australia, but with an interesting twist to it.

Everytime a visitor visits the site and browses the contents, they get points in the form of “drops of fuel”. There are various routes that the Drive Every Drop team can take across each country. These drops can then be donated to these specific routes – sort of like voting for which route you’d like the team to follow. The Malaysian route for example starts in KL and you can either go north or south. The route has descriptions of what they will visit along the way so if one route seems more interesting to you than another, you can donate more drops to it.

Of course, the host Allan Yu (of Amazing Race Asia fame) goes on his journeys using Honda cars. The show is really quite eye-opening as we’ve always heard about how crazy the traffic is in countries like India, with horns being sounded every few seconds. Now you can actually watch whether its true or what it’s like as India is the first country that Drive Every Drop showcased.

Go to Drive Every Drop to watch the videos or look after the jump for an episode of Drive Every Drop showing the traffic conditions in India.

Video: Drive Every Drop in India

Video: Drive Every Drop