Cheap JeepA 70 year old man in India named Indraprakash Bhargav claims to have created a little 2+2 jeep (in the style of the recently launched Nissan KIX?) that costs only Rs 30,000 to buy, can go 40km on a litre of petrol and reach a top speed of 50km/h.

Rs30,000 is only about RM2,200 and is a decent price to pay for something that can sit 2 adults and 2 children. He claims the material costs are only about Rs15,000 to Rs20,000 (RM1,100 to RM1,470). He also says he is working on an electric version of the little jeep.

Apparently despite this project and some other automotive innovations that he’s produced in the past, the Indian government or car manufacturers paid little attention to him. He says he is willing to divulge the “secrets” of this cheap jeep for free if an industrialist like Ratan Tata is interested. No harm having a look. Anyone with money interested?